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Latest in Thai radio

Latest in Thai Radio

Dental care is expensive in Australia, but there are ways to bring down the costs.
On the occasion of Harmony Day, Soraya Koomthim-Barr, a community service volunteer in Melbourne, told us about how to overcome racism and racial discrimination,...
There is a renewed call for life jackets to become mandatory for rock fisherman following the death of two men in New South Wales.

Is Australia Racist?

Thais living in Melbourne expressed their views on the topic Is Australia Racist?
Saramat Ratchkaew of Tous Garden, which is one of the biggest mango producers in Northern Territory, told us how tough it is to be a Thai lady who manages a farm...
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Settlement Guide

We're talking about life and issues that affect you in settling in Australia.

Dental care is expensive in Australia, but there are ways to bring down the costs.
When we are sick, the first point of contact is often the family doctor, commonly referred to as general practitioners or GPs in Australia. All Australian...
Emotional abuse is recognised as a damaging element of family violence. The Australian Bureau of Statistics says 3.3 million Australians have experienced...
In Australia consumers have rights under the law called consumer guarantees - and they could save you money.However, people who've recently settled in Australia...
Ausralian government encourages adult literacy education across the country, particularly for newly arrived migrants and refugees where English is not their first...