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Latest in Turkish radio

Latest in Turkish Radio

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Newly migrated musician Iskender Ozan Toprak is working on his new music project and preparing two concerts which are gong to be held in Melbourne in April with his...
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Stringer Report from Istanbul

Weekly Stringer Report from Turkey by SBS Radio Turkish Programs correspondent, journalist, producer Mr Yavuz Oğhan.
British police have named a British-born man as the person behind deadly Westminster attack in London. Khalid Masood killed four people and injured almost 40...
Australia has rated in the top 10 happiest countries to live.
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has taken to social media to once again call for the Muslim faith to be banned in Australia.
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Settlement Guide

We're talking about life and issues that affect you in settling in Australia.

In Australia free legal advice is provided for a range of issues: from how to respond to a traffic fine, to what to do in a family crisis.
Getting regular dental check-ups from an early age can help your oral health later in life. However, Medicare will only cover some dental services if they are...

Renters’ checklist in Australia

For new arrivals one of the first difficulties is to find somewhere to live. If you are a first time renter here are a few things you need to know to get started.
When renting a property, tenants have key rights and responsibilities. However a new survey says many renters experience anxiety and discrimination, with new...
Unemployed? Jobseekers can access the Australian government’s social security system when faced with financial hardship.