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Australia's 17th national census is set to take place on Tuesday, August the 9th, and, for the first time, most people will complete it online. The Australian Bureau...
The 2016 census is on August 9. Run every five years, the census identifies key characteristics of the population to help plan for the country’s future. This year...

Ukrainian Song Project

Interview with Taras Kurchyk.The aim of tele-radio project "Ukrainian Song" is to seek, distribution and promotion of Ukrainian music of different genres in...

Military Coup in Turkey

Thousands of Turkish government supporters continue to march on the country's streets after a failed military coup on Friday (Jun 15). The death toll currently...


Make the Ukrainian Mark in the 2016 CensusThe 2016 Census will be conducted in Tuesday August 9, 2016.The ensure Ukrainians in Australia are correctly represented...
Census 2016 – Get Online on August 9

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The Ukrainian Community of Australia celebrates 80th birthday of Rt. Rev. Zenon Chorkawyj...

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