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Vietnamese cooking (Episode 84)

Who doesnt adore the idea of a game bird for Christmas?
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Landmark US-Cuba rapprochement

The United States and Cuba have called an end to more than 50 years of Cold War hostility, agreeing to resume economic and diplomatic ties. 
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A European Union court has decided to remove Hamas from the EU's terrorist list.
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VCA/NSW on behalf of Vietnamese Community in Australia, came and laid flowers at Martin Place, paying respects to the two people killed, and their families.  
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Russian currency plumetted

Russian President Vladimir Putin says there is no doubt his country will overcome its current economic challenges. 
Interactively explore the ABS' 2011 Census data

Take a look at the statistics behind the Australians who speak your language, or find a particular place, and compare them with the nation's figures, another language group, or another place.

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