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SBS中文 (SBS Chinese) follows the SBS Codes of Practice and SBS Editorial Guidelines to ensure balance, impartiality, and accuracy in our reporting. The SBS Charter underpins our commitment to an inclusive and cohesive multicultural society. SBS中文 is independent of any public or commercial interests.

SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) is an Australian public media organisation with a mix of public funding and revenue from limited advertising. We are independent of the government, political groups, and any other public or commercial interests.  

The SBS Charter, included in the SBS Act, underpins our commitment to an inclusive and cohesive multicultural society. The principal function of the SBS is to provide multilingual and multicultural media services that inform, educate and entertain all Australians and, in doing so, reflect Australia's multicultural society. SBS is the world’s most linguistically diverse broadcaster and has been broadcasting the SBS Mandarin and SBS Cantonese radio programs for over 40 years. 

SBS中文 follows the SBS Codes of Practice and SBS Editorial Guidelines to ensure balance, impartiality, and accuracy in our reportingWe are committed to seeking a range of diverse views from the entire community on all issues. We do not endorse one view over another. We do not predetermine any points of view. Any comments made by people interviewed do not represent the position of SBS中文. 


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