Travis Meyer hopes to retire with a gold medal around his neck at the Australian national road championships on Sunday.
Sophie Smith

Cycling Central
7 Jan 2017 - 9:48 AM  UPDATED 7 Jan 2017 - 9:53 AM

The 27-year-old selected the 183.6km race, which some consider an achievement just to finish, as his swansong from the sport he’s leaving for mortgage brokering.

Meyer was skint on racing with former team Drapac in 2016, trading kilometres for a Diploma and Finance Detective internship, but still at least speaks with the one-mindedness of an athlete capable of realising the ambitious objective.

The 2010 champion will compete as a lone ranger in Buninyong, Victoria and won’t even be able to wholly rely on the support of his brother and fellow individual entrant Cameron, who also has title designs.

The Mars Cycling Australia Road National Championships elite women's and men's races will be broadcast on SBS Viceland and streamed online here at the website from 1pm AEDT.

“It’s quite expensive now when you’re by yourself, to come over here. I definitely haven’t taken it lightly,” the West Australian said.

“I’ve trained really hard for Sunday. I’ve basically put the same focus as I normally would on the Australian road title and I want to finish with a bang if I can.

“I think because it’s my last one I have more selfish intentions in a way, I want to do the race for me, but obviously my brother and I work well together,” he continued.

“If it means a little bit of help might aid one of us to win the title, then of course that would occur. But, especially when we’re starting, I think we’ll go in with our own intentions and see how it pans out.”

Meyer began his professional career with victory in Buninyong as a neo-pro seven years ago, so a second triumph would be a romantic end to his cycling tale.

“I don’t think there is any winning formula, I think it’s picking the right moments and being in the right spot at the right time,” he said. “Trying to read that in this race is really quite difficult. You’ve only got so many bullets to fire as well because it’s such a tough course, so you’ve really got to be quite selective in what you do.”

Meyer is an identity within the Australian cycling fraternity, a successful product of the AIS system and the subject of hyperbole when he turned professional with Garmin-Transitions.

He marked four years in the WorldTour and a further three with Pro Continental outfit Drapac, however, was ultimately disenchanted with European racing.

“My wife and I really enjoyed the lifestyle of living there [in Europe], but the actual racing side of it is, for me personally, really tough,” he said.

“Unless you’ve done it, it’s hard to appreciate how difficult it actually is. That is what makes those guys in the WorldTour so special because they can consistently go year in-and-out racing at that stress level and perform all the time.

“It was just something that I didn’t manage to really fall into and be comfortable with,” he continued.

“I really kind of struggled with that amount of stress and that style of racing. I sporadically had good moments but the consistency wasn’t there and I think just for me personally it wasn’t quite what I was after in life. The older I got the more that dawned on me, especially when I moved back to Perth and rode with Drapac. I realised how much I enjoyed being home and away from racing a little bit.”

Meyer is content with his decision to retire and clearly motivated for the new mortgage venture, though the next couple of days won’t be ceremonious.

“I’m going to leave everything out there because I don’t have any reason to leave anything in the tank,” he said.

“I’m an emotional person anyway so I think it will be more so at the end of the race that it will start to dawn on me, during the race it’s business as usual. We’ll see how it goes at the end, but hopefully I do well.”

SBS and Fox to broadcast 2017 MARS Road Nationals
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