• For all we know, #trolldj could be Daft Punk (Getty)Source: Getty
For many years now, people have used #trolldj to comment on the music that's played as the Tour coverage returns from each ad break. But #trollDJ is more than just a Twitter hashtag. #trollDJ plays the anthems and brings out the bangers for the #couchpeloton as thousands wile away their nights during the Tour de France.
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5 Jul 2017 - 3:58 PM 

Preferring July holed up in the dank and dark SBS basement to summer in Europe playing festivals like Tomorrowland, we here at Cycling Central don't exactly know who #trollDJ is. When we rock up for our shift each night, #trolldj's got the door locked, cutting up the music/cycling action montages we all love.

For all we know Daft Punk could be in there. #trolldj is actually playing at your house, your house. 

We always thought it was this guy. He just knew a little TOO much:

Until this tweet when we knew, even with the magic of television, it couldn't be him:

Some even thought it was this guy:

Or because of the aura of international mystery, this guy:

But #trollDJ says that's all just a little bit silly (#TrollDJ contacts us via emails, DMs and via notes under the door).

Check out #trollDJ's work so far this year:

The stuff we do know about #trolldj:

1. Is like, really popular among the #couchpeloton

The #couchpeloton is a community on Twitter who've bonded for many years over late nights watching cycling on SBS. They also talk about their food via #toursnacks and have come up with all sorts of hashtags to get through their nightly struggle. 

The #couchpeloton also know what these two songs are just from micro-second gifs:

and if they - and a host of other songs - aren't played each year, SBS will receive just as much feedback - if not more - as when Paul and Phil eventually retire. 

Some have also wanted #trolldj to appear for other networks' sporting events:

2. Uncharacteristically dropped a massive hint about having a sister who has been to France:

3. Loves doing this with the outtakes

4. Takes requests even from former pro cyclists 

But #trolldj prefers yours. Head over to Twitter with your requests via the #trollDJ hashtag.