• Stephanie Morton (Australia) takes on Germany's Emma Hinze in the women's sprint final at the Track Cycling World Cup in London, England. (Getty) (Getty Images Europe)Source: Getty Images Europe
The UCI has announced a number of changes to its track world cup series effective 2021.
Cycling Central

21 Jun 2019 - 12:09 PM 

The series will move from October-January to July-September, reduce from six to three rounds and gets a new name, the UCI Track Cycling Nations' Cup. As a result, the UCI Track Cycling World Championships will also move from March to October in 2021.

The UCI also plans to attract new viewers and spectators to track cycling via a new, 'innovative' and 'simple to understand' series running between November and February from 2021. Further information on this series won't be communicated until after the UCI's management committee meeting in September 2019.

The UCI has also awarded the Flanders Classics organisation various rights to the cyclocross UCI World Cup from the 2020-21 season including general organisation rights, marketing and sponsoring rights, and distribution of television rights for the UCI World Cup and the UCI World Championships in Belgium (in Flemish), including TV production of the World Cup (worldwide) and the World Championships (in Belgium). 

Another step the UCI plans to take in 2022 includes restricting membership of the federation's Ethics Commission to people who have no link with the UCI, the continental confederations or the national federations.

This latest raft of plans announced by the UCI overnight also included approval of an action plan aiming to increase the appeal of road cycling events which it hopes to achieve through a number of consultative steps with various stakeholders starting this European summer.