• Rupert Guinness had a massive five days or Hell Week 1 in preparation for the Virtual Race Across America (VRAAM) (Supplied)Source: Supplied
With VRAAM looming on 16 June, Rupert Guinness put in a huge block of training for his 'Hell Week' 1. Here's how it looked in numbers.
Rupert Guinness

11 May 2020 - 1:36 PM  UPDATED 11 May 2020 - 2:32 PM

Sunday night marked the end of a major step up in my training for the Virtual race Across America (VRAAM) that starts on 16 June.

My coach, Marko Baloh, had scheduled for the first of two scheduled ‘Hell Weeks’ in which I had to ride on a stationary bike on the FulGaz app that will power VRAAM for up to 12 hours for five consecutive days.

It was a challenging block of preparation from which I learned much about mind and body – and process- to help me prepare for my next ‘Hell Week, and ultimately VRAAM.

My 'Hell Week 1' in numbers: 

WHAT: 12 hours riding a day for five days 
WHEN: Wednesday 6 May to Sunday 10 May
TIME: Approx. 6.30am-6.30pm
WEIGHT: At start – 84.4kg Finish: 81.8kg
KILOMETRES RIDDEN: 1,680km (Average: 336km/day)
WATTS: 130 watts average first 2 days, then 100-110 watts


Porridge bowls with stewed fruit, skim milk, maple syrup: 4
Granola bowl with, Greek yoghurt fruit, skim milk, maple syrup: 1
Instant coffee with skim milk: 4
Tea with skim milk: 1
During ride
Koda Electrolyte drink bottles (750ml): 30
Koda Energy Bars: 5
Koda Energy Gels: 17
Bananas: 8
Chicken foccacia/Wraps: 5 Chocolate Chip Cookies: 6 Fruit Cake Slices: 5
Chocolate brownies: 1
Corn chip ‘sandwich’ with Tuna and Cheese slice: 1,
Muffins: 1
Protein balls: 1
Cold pizza slices: 2
Cheese slices: 2
Flat white coffees 6
Instant coffees: 3
Cola: 3
Teas: 2
Post ride:
Koda Protein drinks: 5 with a range of nuts, Wasabi peas
Dinner with water, glass of wine and tea: 5