Step beyond traditional ideas and beliefs with these documentaries that will make you look at the world in a whole new way.
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22 Aug 2018 - 4:31 PM  UPDATED 24 Aug 2018 - 10:37 AM

It is about finding a new approach to the world around us. Conventionally held views aren't necessarily correct and need to be challenged.

This year, SBS On Demand has partnered with Antidote: a mind-expanding weekend-long event at the Sydney Opera House (1-2 September 2018) celebrating ideas that could change the world. The likes of investigative journalist Ronan Farrow, prominent activist Chelsea Manning, Pulitzer Prize-winner Maureen Dowd, and cultural trailblazer Ta-Nehisi Coates will be sharing their game-changing ways of thinking.

Think big and WIN tickets to Antidote, a weekend of pioneering ideas, action and change
The remarkable event runs from 1-2 September 2018 at the Sydney Opera House.

Expose yourself to new thoughts and concepts with these boundary-redefining documentaries now streaming at SBS On Demand:

Life After Food

Brian Merchant is on the route to Soylent HQ, where 25-year-old Rob Rhinehart and his crew whip up the internet famous hacker meal - the macro-nutritious shake they think will soon replace the bulk of our meals. It's just one of many visions currently vying for the future food crown. The world's population is still burgeoning, after all; 600-800 million people are going hungry every year, and the spectre of food riots is perpetually percolating; the damage for cheap, nutritious food is greater than ever. Soylent is a total food replacement and Brian will be living on a mixture alone just like Rob, the man who invented it. Soylent, canola oil, fish oil capsules and water - that's Brian's entire diet for the next month. 

The Third Industrial Revolution

Economic and social theorist Jeremy Rifkin lays out a roadmap for the future to grow our economy and save the environment.


Maternity Leave

Investigate why America is one of two countries in the world that does not guarantee paid parental leave. Travel to Sweden and Papua New Guinea to see how the laws differ.


Growing Up Gay

Young pop icon Olly Alexander explores why the gay community is more vulnerable to mental health issues, as he opens up about his own battles with depression. A powerful voice on mental health and LGBT+ rights, Olly has broken taboos with music videos that celebrate queer identities. The documentary follows him as he joins young people on their journeys battling issues that parallel his own - from homophobic bullying to eating and anxiety disorders - and asks what can be done to address them.


Sloths Save The World

Thomas Morton joins an international team of scientists in Panama that's found a promising treatment for malaria, Chagas disease and breast cancer in the most unlikely place: the mossy fur of tree sloths. It's yet another reason to not cut down rain forests. About half of all drugs brought to market from 1997-2006 came from plants, fungi and bacteria discovered by 'bio-prospectors' in nature. Sloths are just one of many new and unusual frontiers for this research.


Fade To Black

Peter Short, the charismatic CEO of a major Australian company, learns that he has only months to live after he is diagnosed with terminal oesophageal cancer. Not wanting to face a painful death, Peter decides to source the lethal drug Nembutal, giving him the option to end his own life peacefully. With the help of a rogue doctor who supplies the drug to suffering patients, Peter sets out to have voluntary euthanasia legalised in Australia.


The Race For Artificial Intelligence

From self-driving cars to Siri, a race is on to build more powerful Artificial Intelligence. But some warn we could be programming our own extinction.


Countdown To Zero: Eradicating Aids

The astonishing recent breakthroughs in eradicating the AIDS virus, and the challenges still faced by millions of HIV patients as doctors and organisations race to bring a cure to the masses.



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