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Bring on the thrones and the games and the dragons and whatever else!
Nick Bhasin

9 Mar 2017 - 5:08 PM  UPDATED 9 Mar 2017 - 5:32 PM

One of the things we here at The Guide pride ourselves on is the ability to discern a great deal of information from scant promotional material. So when the new Game of Thrones poster emerged, we sprang into action and analysed the spit out of it.

Doesn't seem to give away much, does it? Well, here’s what we know for sure:


1. Fire and ice are two things that don’t normally go together. But when they do, the effect can be quite dramatic. Especially on something like a poster. That’s a fact.


2. "GoT" is probably short for Game of Thrones, but we’re not ruling out Get on Tinder – a message for the younger demographic.


3. Judging from some of these ice cracks, Tyrion Lannister will turn into a large bird halfway through the season and the rest of the show will be will be about how he comes to terms with that new reality. No opposable thumbs, etc.


4. The “#GoT” is actually a part of a phone number that you call to get style tips from the White Walkers.


5. The Mother of Dragons will reveal herself to be a Trump supporter, greatly jeopardising her overall likability and making family dinners with the dragons very uncomfortable – and deadly.


6. The highly anticipated season is likely to feature a Marvel crossover episode involving Iceman and Fireman (there is a Fireman, right?).


7. The fact that there is fire, but no earth and wind, is a good indication that the soundtrack will most likely not feature a catchy blend of soul, funk and disco.


8. “HBO” is almost certainly the name of a new character, most likely Jon Snow’s love interest.


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