• The stars of 'Nirvanna the Band the Show': Matt Johnson and Jay McCarroll. (SBS)Source: SBS
One of the best shows on TV is also one of TV’s best-kept secrets. And the internet wants that to STOP!
Rob Hunter

19 Dec 2017 - 11:33 AM  UPDATED 19 Dec 2017 - 11:34 AM

Proving it is more than just a forum for calling each other horrible names, the internet is currently using its powers for good, trying desperately to spread the word about a bafflingly underappreciated show called Nirvanna the Band the Show starring Matt Johnson and Jay McCarroll.

Leading the charge is creator of Rick And Morty Justin Roiland who tweeted this to his 558,000 followers:

But Roiland is far from alone in his bemusement that the hilariously bizarre show continues to be overlooked by so many. Twitter and online forums are rife with individuals banding together in an attempt to get the show noticed by the wider public:

So what is this show and why have so many people felt the need to reach out into the unforgiving abyss of the internet to tell people about it?

Originally a web series, the show follows two best friends hatching various plans to get their band a gig at a Toronto music venue named The Rivoli. The show’s originality and appeal are then increased substantially by the ludicrous nature of the schemes and the stars’ interactions with the public, many of whom have no idea they are on a TV show.

The result is a goldmine of absurd yet accessible comedy that has gone maddeningly unnoticed, resulting in fans imploring and even begging people to watch:

Articles such as this one from The Globe And Mail have sought to explain the show’s unwarranted lack of viewership, suggesting an initial lack of international release made it difficult for people outside Canada to discover the show. Referring to a recent Halloween special, NTBTS star Jay McCarroll even went to the extreme of saying, “I would just pirate it,” as a means of watching what for many people has been impossible to get hold of legally.

Fortunately, SBS has taken care of Australian viewers, with seasons one and two currently available on SBS On Demand! It has subsequently never been easier to watch the show and understand why fans continue to say things such as:

Fans and critics clearly can’t speak highly enough of this hidden gem, with Canada’s National Post describing NTBTS as “the best Canadian TV show in the last two decades” and “truly remarkable”. But no matter how seemingly endless the plaudits, the show remains a cult hit yet to cross over into the mainstream.

The internet has therefore taken it upon itself to ensure NTBTS is discovered by as many people as possible. So don’t let the internet or Justin Roiland down! See what all the fuss is about, watch Nirvanna the Band the Show and enjoy a rare situation in which the internet has got something totally right.


Seasons one and two of Nirvanna The Band The Show are currently available on SBS On Demand. Watch the first episode here:

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