The new season cannot come soon enough!
Gavin Scott

9 Feb 2018 - 9:53 AM  UPDATED 9 Feb 2018 - 3:35 PM

In its first season, The Good Fight stepped out of the shadow of the incredibly popular show that spawned it, The Good Wife. Over 10 episodes, it quickly proved it could stand on its own merits and, thanks to airing on CBS airing it on its streaming service in the US, was more complex, edgier (they now swear!) and felt more current than its predecessor. If the recently released trailer for its upcoming second season is anything to go by, The Good Fight will come out all guns blazing this time around. There’s a lot crammed in the two-minute preview, so let us unpack it all for you.


1. Season two will be darker…

From Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) walking through a cemetery ruminating about death to someone killing off lawyers, there’s a foreboding tone to this season. Having dealt with life in Trump’s America in season one, The Good Fight will continue to shine a light on all the “insane” things going on in the world, which, if nothing else, make for great inspiration for TV drama.


2. …but also funnier than season one

Co-creators Michelle and Robert King have always imbued their work with humour – whether it be a wry undertone or laugh-out-loud moments. In just two minutes, there are more gags and comedic moments than some sitcoms manage in an entire season. Presumably, they haven’t just used all the best bits in the trailer.


3. Howard Lyman is now a judge

Speaking of humour, what could be funnier than that bozo who worked at Diane’s old firm sitting behind the bench? Howard (Jerry Adler) is a perfect addition to The Good Fight’s recurring roster of judges and will no doubt be as frustrating wielding a gavel as he was taking naps at Lockhart Gardiner.


4. Welcome, Audra McDonald

“We are growing,” pronounces Adrian Boseman (Delroy Lindo), but it’s unlikely he’s going to be too thrilled about Diane and Julius (Michael Boatman) approaching his ex-wife to join the firm. Played by multi-Tony Award-winning actress and former Private Practice star Audra McDonald, Liz Lawrence (who previously appeared in The Good Wife) is set to cause friction at Reddick, Boseman & Kolstad.


5. Maia’s trial is going ahead…

Arrested in lieu of her Ponzi scheme-creating father, Maia Rindell (Rose Leslie) is still up on charges for her unwitting role in the financial scam. Good thing the firm’s new recruit, Liz, used to be the prosecutor in the case.


6. …which means more Jane Lynch…

Smilingly evil and unexpectedly vicious, Lynch’s FBI agent Madeline Starkey was one of the standout guest characters of season one – and she’s back to keep the pressure on in the Rindell case.


7. …and an actual storyline for Maia and Amy

Their relationship so far has been undercooked to say the least, but it looks like Maia and her assistant state attorney girlfriend are headed for major conflict after Amy (Helene Yorke) testifies in Maia’s case and basically throws her under the bus.


8. Diane and Kurt’s relationship is still unresolved

It seemed like the estranged couple might have been headed back towards marital bliss in season one, but what’s this: Diane in bed with another man? Although, it’s clearly a one-off as far as she’s concerned, it’s also obvious that a reunion between her and her ballistics expert hubby (Gary Cole) won’t be straightforward.

The Good Fight producers are clearly winking at the audience by casting Tim Matheson as the new man in Diane's life – Gary Cole replaced Tim Matheson as the Vice President in The West Wing.


9. While Lucca and Colin have lost none of their chemistry

Lucca (Cush Jumbo) and Colin (Justin Bartha) are back where they belong: on opposite sides of the courtroom. If anything’s going to reignite their fiery romance it’s arguing against each other in Maia’s case.


10. Your favourite supporting cast are all back

Wise-cracking Marissa (Sarah Steele)? Tick. Kooky lawyer Elsbeth Tascioni (Carrie Preston)? Tick. In-house investigator Jay Dipersia (Nyambi Nyambi)? Tick. All are present and accounted for in the trailer. There are even a couple of glimpses of departing character Barbara Kolstad (Erica Tazel), who will be given a proper send-off instead of never being seen again.


The Good Fight will return to SBS in March. The first season is streaming now at SBS On Demand:

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