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They're the best.
Sachithri Kodagoda

18 Apr 2018 - 4:58 PM  UPDATED 18 Apr 2018 - 4:58 PM

One of the main reasons Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the best cop comedy around is the way it showcases the interracial, gay relationship of its power couple, Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) and Kevin (Mark Evan Jackson), in a positive, loving light. 

Comedy series have a tendency to sideline same-sex couples, giving into tired tropes and using them as comedic punching bags. Brooklyn Nine-Nine refuses to use stereotypes, featuring the relationship in pivotal storylines and depicting a healthy, everyday marriage.

And yes, like Jake (Andy Samberg), we wish they were our dads.

Here are nine times that was the case...

1. When we found out that Kevin hates all cops because of the way Ray was treated over the years for being a gay, black cop in the force. This moment showed us that, like every good partner, he supports his hubby’s goals and resents anyone who gets in the way of his dreams.

2. Any time Kevin finds something Captain Holt says unbelievably funny (despite the fact he really isn’t). That’s some real husband goals right there.

3. The time when Kevin and the Captain played the part of embarrassing dads to Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) after her night with their nephew. Give us all the awkward family breakfasts please!

4. When the Captain explained why Kevin bought Gertie, encouraging Jake to take the same leap of faith with Amy (Melissa Fumero) and trust their relationship. That's some good old fatherly wisdom we all wish we could have. (FYI: it was because Kevin wanted to see the Captain more when they were long-distance dating. Also, Gertie is a car.)

5. When Jake threatened the Captain with exposing his returned gambling addiction to Kevin, showing Holt is just like the rest of us and scared of disappointing the love of his life. 

6. That time we found out the only reason Kevin put up with the disgusting pie Captain Holt always bought for Thanksgiving was because he loved that they drove to collect it together and did not want that to stop. Cue the ugly crying and heart eyes.

7. When Captain Holt made the impromptu suggestion that they remarry and have a bigger celebration to celebrate their love. They truly found their soulmates in each other.

8. Did I mention their amazing parenting of Cheddar the Corgi? Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that family – just look at him happily licking a fallen ice cream cone like a good dog!

9. EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of the recent episode "Safe House" when they were both so protective of each other. From the Captain's ridiculous rules for the safe house (i.e. crawling on your belly to make sure you stay out of sight) to Kevin saving his husband's life despite being given clear instructions to stay out of the way. I mean, who can follow the rules when your true love is in danger?


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