• Marissa and Maia's friendship is quickly becoming our everything The Good Fight (SBS)Source: SBS
In a show which celebrates all types of relationships between women, their friendship is a highlight.
Mary Kiley

11 Apr 2018 - 1:21 PM  UPDATED 11 Apr 2018 - 1:21 PM

One of the best things about The Good Fight is its portrayal of the many complex and varied relationships women sustain with all the people in their lives. Even when they’re being adversarial, it’s in a professional context – and they often share a laugh and a drink with those adversaries after the verdict. As befits a show being made post-#MeToo, it shows women being supportive of each other. They have each other’s backs – and not to sink knives into.

This is a series stacked with great women who we would all love to be fast friends with. Lucca (Cush Jumbo) is always coolly reliable. And Diane (Christine Baranski) is professionalism personified, even offering helpful, case-winning advice to her wannabe rival, Liz (Audra McDonald), at the world’s worst office party in a recent episode. 

But, the union we’re shipping so hard right now is Maia (Rose Leslie) and Marissa (Sarah Steele). At once surprising and obvious, their developing friendship has been one of the chief delights of the current season. So we thought it was time to take a look at how their friendship came to be.


Silver and Gold

Maia was born with a silver spoon in her mouth (which turned out to be a bit tarnished when her dad’s Ponzi scheme was exposed) and her godmother, Diane, just happens to be a partner at a law firm, so she got a bit of a leg-up in her lawyering career. Marissa, however, is of more modest means. Although she didn’t come from money, she did inherit father Eli Gold’s (Alan Cumming) chutzpah and talent for self-promotion. This helped talk her way into a job as Diane’s secretary, and now she’s doing double duty as one of the firm’s private investigators. Maia and Marissa are both young, keen, ambitious women, eager to get ahead in their careers, which helped them form a natural bond that has grown into a solid friendship.


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Cool as ice

Though Maia looks fragile, she’s demonstrated nerves of steel on numerous occasions, including that time she set up her deadbeat dad to get arrested by the FBI. She also survived her own stint in prison. Marissa, meanwhile, has completed her Israeli army training (and we cannot wait for her to bust out some Krav Maga moves). This probably goes a long way towards explaining how these two remained cool as cucumbers when they thought they’d opened an envelope full of Ricin (check out the episode now at SBS On Demand). Instead of running around screaming “Eek!” like a cartoon ’50s housewife who’d seen a mouse, they stayed still, called for help and were eventually rescued by a hunky CDC guy in a Hazmat suit. This whole “brush with death” turned out to be another bonding experience, especially after the pair repaired to a bar to celebrate being alive – along with said cute CDC guy…


They're a great team

The best thing about M&M is that there’s no possibility for any tedious love triangles. When CDC cutie showed up, it was clear he was interested in Maia but, having zero interest in him, Maia expertly set up her exit from group drinks, serving as the perfect 'wingman' for Marissa. Next thing we knew, CDC guy and Marissa were lockin’ lips in the lift.

So it’s good Maia has found a cool work buddy to solve cases with, get drunk with, not kiss boys with, and almost get Ricin poisoned with. And, if the time comes for The Good Fight to go the way of The Good Wife, we look forward to following the adventures of Maia and Marissa in The Good Friends. (Although a leetle drama would be nice…)


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