'Slutever' host Karley Sciortino asks "why is it impossible for a woman to get an orgasm in this town?"
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5 Jun 2018 - 1:01 PM  UPDATED 5 Jun 2018 - 1:10 PM

In the opening minutes of this week's episode, Slutever host Karley Sciortino advises that there are over 1000 'happy endings' massage parlours in New York alone, but those are almost exclusively for men. This leads Sciortino to declare that the female population is being orgasmically marginalised. Sciortino sets out to correct this imbalance by seeking a transactional orgasm.

Sciortino starts her quest by booking a male escort named Ash. At a cost of $4500, Ash offers a girlfriend/boyfriend experience, but doesn't guarantee sex during a date. His clients are typically aged between 30-40 years-old and are mostly women who are looking to feel special and listened to. 

A professional 'sexiological body worker' and self-proclaimed vagina whisperer named Tom helps women learn their own bodies and how to give themselves pleasure. But as Sciortino learns, even Tom doesn't guarantee an orgasm through his service.

After talking to several professionals, Sciortino is struggling to find any professionals who are willing to promise an orgasm. 

And then she finds "Dr M", a professional with a one hour service...

Explore the issue of the transactional female happy ending and discover whether Dr M delivers on what he promises in Slutever, airing on SBS VICELAND Tuesday night at 9:30pm and streaming anytime at SBS On Demand:

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