• Ben Lingwoodock and Ray Minniecon, in ‘Truth Be Told: Lest We Forget’. (SBS)Source: SBS
During the week of ANZAC Day, NITV hosts a suite of programs acknowledging and honouring the participation of Aboriginal Australians in the military services.
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17 Apr 2019 - 11:38 AM  UPDATED 17 Apr 2019 - 11:38 AM

From Monday 22 April, NITV is proud to present documentaries that honour Aboriginal Australians’ contribution to the war effort and highlight the many challenges faced and overcome both before, during and after the war years by those in the military services and those who were swept up in events beyond their control.

You’ll hear many inspiring, poignant stories from home and abroad. Here are some of the highlights.



Follow street artist Hego as he constructs Australia’s largest wheat-pasted mural, depicting an Aboriginal soldier. Installed in Redfern, Hego’s nine-metre tall artwork prompts overwhelmingly positive feedback from locals, Aboriginal Elders, fellow street artists and activists. The documentary features insightful interviews with the soldier’s relatives and reveals the challenges faced by Indigenous diggers on their return home.  

Black ANZAC airs on Monday, 22 April at 7:30 pm, Tuesday, 23 April at 12:30 pm and Saturday, 27 April at 6:30 pm on NITV.


Lest We Forget Aboriginal Women

This mini documentary leading into A War of Hope introduces three Aboriginal women who served in the military in the 1970s and ‘80s. They discuss their lives in the Armed Forces and the challenges they faced in service.

Lest We Forget Aboriginal Women airs before A War of Hope on Monday, 22 April at 8:20 pm on NITV.


A War of Hope

In 1942, Australian Armed Forces forcibly exiled 235 Guugu Yimithirr people 1500km away from their North Queensland home. For seven years, the community were treated as prisoners of war in their own land. Roy McIvor, then nine years old, is now an artist, storyteller and community leader. He shares the story of the community’s upheaval, distress and ultimate survival and return to land.

A War of Hope airs on Monday, 22 April at 8:30 pm, Tuesday, 23 April at 11:30 am, Wednesday, 24 April at 10:30 pm and Thursday, 25 April at 12:00 pm on NITV.


Truth Be Told: Lest We Forget

Four descendants of Aboriginal soldiers who fought in WWI uncover the widely unknown (and unacknowledged) stories of their ancestors’ Middle East campaign. The researchers gather in Israel to mark the 100-year anniversary of the battle of Beersheba in which their ancestors took part.

Truth Be Told: Lest We Forget airs on Wednesday, 24 April at 9:30 pm and Thursday, 25 April at 11:00 am on NITV.


Never Forget Australia

This touching documentary travels to the small French village of Villers Bretonneux, home to the largest Australian war memorial in Europe. We hear six poignant stories from WWI, including the French orphan smuggled to Australia, the rebuilding of the village school with the help of the Aussies, and how one of our unknown soldiers made it home.

Never Forget Australia airs on ANZAC Day, Thursday, 25 April at 9:00 pm, Friday, 26 April at 10:00 am and Saturday, 27 April at 7:30 pm on NITV.


ANZAC: Remembering Our Heroes

At 6:00 pm throughout the week of ANZAC Day, you can also watch this series of shows honouring ANZAC heroes:

  • Black Digger Be Proud and The Forgotten Warriors on Tuesday, 23 April
  • Rockhampton Diggers and Warriors’ Status with Marsat Ketchell on Wednesday, 24 April
  • The Stockman and The Horsemen and Lenny Ogilvie – I Did Not Do It For King Or Country on ANZAC Day on Thursday, 25 April
  • John Schaars – Honouring Indigenous War Veterans’ Graves and Jack Pollard – The Lighthorseman on Friday, 26 April
  • Leaving Frog Hollow and The Watego Brothers on Saturday, 27 April