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Not sure? Let the TV series 'Slutever' be your guide...
Tanya Modini

6 May 2019 - 2:14 PM  UPDATED 6 May 2019 - 2:15 PM

The vagina is undergoing a massive rebrand. In fact, it’s currently all the rage to be a woman and to be vagina positive.  And it's thanks in large part to vagina power, a subject Karley Sciortino explores in the TV series Slutever...

What is vagina power anyway?

Vagina worshipping activists are getting together to do their thing. But what is their thing? Well, in this episode of Slutever, we learn it’s all about smashing the taboos around talking about vaginas and eliminating the gross ways in which they have been talked about in the past. But how does the world rid itself of the vagina negativity that has been around for centuries?

The sacred yoni alchemist

Before the vagina can take over the world, all the residual negativity that vaginas have absorbed from the past apparently needs to be eliminated. And as you may or may not know, the person for that job is always a sacred yoni alchemist – a kind of very holy vagina purification chemist sort of person. If you’re wondering how this negativity purging is done, just think sacred portal, chanting, herbs and a steam infusion.

The professional masturbator

Haven’t made up your mind about what you want to do with your life? Maybe Betty Dodson, sex positive feminist and professional masturbator can give you some innovative ideas for career paths.

At 89 years old, after 40 years of teaching women all over the world how to orgasm, Betty advises that to have a better relationship with your vagina, you need to get out a mirror and really have a look at it: “If you’ve never looked at your face and you’re getting ready to go out, how would you know how you looked?”

Good point Betty.

Time for some sex magic

So, witches have also had some pretty bad press and treatment over the years – particularly the female ones. Could it be partly because they have vaginas?

Before you can be a witch and conjure the magical force that will unite worldwide feminine energy, you have to be initiated into the world of sex magic. Now this isn’t actually as scary as it may sound, but it does involve the use of chakrubs, roses and chanting.

Oh, and if you’ve wondered where the familiar depiction of witches on broomsticks comes from, watch this episode and wonder no more. 

Slutever’s Vagina Power episode is now streaming at SBS On Demand, along with the whole of season two:

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