• Compelling drama ‘The Looming Tower’ explores how 9/11 happened. (Distributor)Source: Distributor
Before they leave SBS On Demand, make sure to catch the always entertaining ‘No Passport Required’, season 6 of French crime series ‘Spiral’ and movies including Julie Delpy’s ‘Two Days in Paris’, Australian horror film ‘100 Bloody Acres’ starring Damon Herriman and for music lovers, ‘Buena Vista Social Club’, as well as plenty more.
SBS Guide

26 Sep 2019 - 4:01 PM  UPDATED 26 Sep 2019 - 4:01 PM

1 October

Beyond Boobs

Chinese News 24 September

Elsta Foy

French Food Safari S1 E3, E4

Pop Aye

The Workshop

Un Mundo Secreto

White God

2 October

Chinese News 25 September


The Looming Tower S1 E1

5 October

Anjum’s Australian Spice Stories S1 E3 – Indian Flavours


No Passport Required S1

The Horde

6 October

Anjum’s Australian Spice Stories S1 E4 – Comfort Food


The September Issue

The Thieves

Young And Wild

7 October

Forever Enthralled

Here I Am

How To Die A Better Death

Metro Manila

The Legacy S3

8 October

Born To Cook: Jack Stein Down Under S1

Buena Vista Social Club


French Food Safari S1 E5, E6

How To Catch A Serial Killer

9 October

Anjum’s Australian Spice Stories S1 E5 – Coastal Cooking

Confronting Isis

Love And Friendship

Ong Bak 2

Sherpa: Trouble On Everest

The Looming Tower S1 E2


10 October

Anjum’s Australian Spice Stories S1 E6 – Street Food

11 October

9/11: 102 Minutes That Changed America

Anjum’s Australian Spice Stories S1 E7 – Light And Healthy

Cheese Slices S7 E1 – Brazil

Cheese Slices S7 E2 – Spain


Relentless: The Sylvia Scharper Story

12 October

Adam Ruins Conspiracy Theories S2 E12 – Conspiracy Theories S2 E7–E16

Anjum’s Australian Spice Stories S1 E8 – Indian Tapas

Eight Ladies

Red Path

Secrets of Harrods Department Store

13 October

Anjum’s Australian Spice Stories S1 E9 – A Day In The Life...

Targeting Bin Laden

Watership Down

14 October

Ouro: Amazon Gold S1

The Road To Home

15 October

French Food Safari S1 E7, E8

Two Cars, One Night

16 October

Anjum’s Australian Spice Stories S1 E10 – Traditional Favourites

Artefact S1

Japan’s Secret Shame


Polygamy: Three Wives, One Husband S1 E1

Spiral S6

The Good Son

The Looming Tower S1 E3

17 October

Anjum’s Australian Spice Stories S1 E11 – Anjum’s Twist


The Kimberley Man

Under Skin, In Blood

18 October

A Season In France

Anjum’s Australian Spice Stories S1 E12 – The Final Banquet

Black Widows S2

Cheap Thrills

Cheese Slices S7 E3 – Canada

Cheese Slices S7 E4 – France

What We Did On Our Holiday

19 October

Black Soul

Mean Machine

Secrets of the Rolls Royce Luxury Car

The Fall

The Hypnotist

Two Brothers Walking

Two Days In New York

Two Days In Paris

20 October

Gok Cooks Chinese S1

Lord Of The Flies

The Twinning Reaction

22 October


French Food Safari S1 E1, E9

Hell Or High Water

Pompeii: Life Before Death

23 October

Bonacini’s Italy S1 E1 – Tuscany

Polygamy: Three Wives, One Husband S1 E2

The Drew

The Looming Tower S1 E4


24 October

Anger Within: Jonah Lomu – A Rugby Legend

Bonacini’s Italy S1 E2 – Le Marche

25 October

Bonacini’s Italy S1 E3 – Abruzzo

Cheese Slices S7 E5 – Italy

Cheese Slices S7 E6 – Sweden

Witnesses S2

26 October

A Woman’s Calling

Bonacini’s Italy S1 E4 – Puglia

The Apology

The Ground We Won

27 October

Bonacini’s Italy S1 E5 – Calabria

Call Me Mum

Jungle Shuffle

Queen: Rock The World

28 October

Jasper Jones

Power Meri

29 October

Born To Cook: Jack Stein Down Under S2

First Steps To Freedom

National Lampoon: Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead


Rome: What Lies Beneath

30 October

Breaking A Monster

James White

The Looming Tower S1 E5

31 October

100 Bloody Acres

America’s Blues

Angel Baby

Batman And Bill

Cafe De Flore


Chori Chori Chupke Chupke

Dark Science


Do Communists Have Better Sex?

Don’s Party

Eagle Vs Shark


Fortitude S1, S3

Free Money: The Case For Basic Income

Holy Motors

In Bed With Victoria

Jimmy P


Lost River

Love And Sex In China

Love And Sex In India

Love And Sex In Japan

Memory Of Love


Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman






Suburban Mayhem


Teen Lust

The Ceremony: Dominatrix of France

The Connection

The Country Doctor

The Dead Girl

The Disappearance Of Alice Creed

The Endless

The Lovers On The Pont-Neuf

The Marriage

The Notorious Bettie Page

The Rise and Fall of Nokia Mobile

The Rising: Ballad Of Mangal Pandey

The Sacrament

The Stoneman Murders

The Swan

The Tree Of Life

The Wasted Times