November brings an international selection of crime dramas, a disturbing touch of dystopia and a comedy to lighten us all up.
Desanka Vukelich

1 Nov 2019 - 8:36 AM  UPDATED 6 Dec 2019 - 10:36 AM

The Red Line

This three-part US drama sees the mistaken shooting of an African American doctor by a young white cop, sparking the intersection of three families’ lives: that of the widow, Daniel Calder (Noah Wyle) and their adopted daughter Jira (Aliyah Royale), the rising politician Tia Young (Emayatzy Corinealdi) – who also happens to be Jira’s birth mother – and the cop himself, Paul Evans (Noel Fisher). This compelling series is as heart-warming as it is heart-breaking. The supporting characters lift up the main players as they pick up the pieces of their lives. An excellent series.

The Red Line premieres in Australia at SBS On Demand on Friday 1 November. Watch the trailer now:

Years and Years

The world we see through the eyes of Manchester family, the Lyons, from 2019 to 2034 seems all too real to be as dystopian as this six-part series from Russell T. Davies (Queer As Folk) is billed to be.  Emma Thompson stars as wealthy businesswoman Vivienne Rook, who sets her sights on politics, running on a campaign of being an ordinary person who is here to get things done. But she’s living anything but the life of everyday people, as she skyrockets to power and gets drunk on it. Sound familiar? 

Years and Years premieres at 8:30pm on Wednesday, 6 November on SBS and at SBS On Demand. Watch the trailer now:

The Red Shadows

In this six-part French drama series five-year-old Clara (Manon Azem) is abducted, the kidnappers demanding a high ransom in exchange for her release. The botched exchange sees Clara’s mother end up dead and the child go missing. We pick up the story 25 years on, with Clara’s older sister Aurore (Nadia Farès), now a police officer, finding clues that her sister may still be alive and living under an assumed identity in Italy. Reopening the cold case, Aurore is hot on the trail of her long-lost sibling, untangling family secrets as she goes.

The Red Shadows premieres in Australia at SBS On Demand on Thursday, 7 November.

The Twelve

From Belgium, this Flemish-language series’ title refers to the 12 people of a jury. They’re called to sit on the highly controversial trial of a respected school principal, Fri Palmers (Maaike Cafmeyer), accused of murdering two people, one of whom is her own child. As the trial moves forward, gaining momentum, Fri’s fate is in the hands of the shaken jury members, each of whom bring their personal scars and baggage with them as they make one of the most important decisions of their lives.

The Twelve premiered in Australia at SBS On Demand on Wednesday, 13 November.
Episodes 5-10 will be released weekly at SBS On Demand from December 2. The episodes go live on December 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30.


In 2013, this British series took the world by storm. Many of its cast members have gone on to extraordinary success, including Olivia Colman, who won a BAFTA for her part as DS Ellie Miller (and an Oscar for her role in The Favourite), Jodie Whittaker, who became the first female Dr Who, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge soon went on to create the phenomenal Fleabag.

Broadchurch begins with the murder of 11-year-old Danny Latimer in the small Dorset town of the series’ name. DI Alec Hardy (former Dr Who David Tennant) is put in charge of the case as townspeople, including Danny’s father Mark (Andrew Buchan), are investigated. The second season follows the trial of the accused, and the third sees Miller and Hardy attempt to move forward carrying the scars of the case.

Seasons 1 to 3 of Broadchurch are streaming at SBS On Demand from Thursday, 14 November.



Hierro is a volcanic island off the coast of Spain. On its shores, a corpse is found, bearing signs of a brutal murder. Arrested as the main suspect is local entrepreneur, Diaz (Darío Grandinetti). Enter Candela (Candela Peña), the temperamental judge who’s been banished to Hierro. She decides to release Diaz, with his shady past and all, on bail. Sparking the mistrust of the islanders, Candela nevertheless follows the law and not her instincts in making the decision. She and Diaz embark on an emotional and physical journey towards the truth.

Eight-part series Hierro premieres in Australia at SBS On Demand from Friday, 15 November.   

Blue Murder

Forget Underbelly: Back in the mid-1990s, this two-part Australian drama series was banned from airing in New South Wales due to ongoing legal proceedings following the uncovering of police corruption in events that spanned six years. Richard Roxburgh, who won a Logie for the role, plays decorated police officer Roger ‘The Dodger’ Rogerson, who does a deal with violent psychopath Arthur ‘Neddy’ Smith, played by Tony Martin, effectively giving the career criminal free reign to dominate Sydney’s underworld. This tense drama is a masterclass in television production by celebrated Australian filmmaker Mike Jenkins.   

Blue Murder is at SBS On Demand from Wednesday, 20 November.

On Becoming A God In Central Florida

Kirsten Dunst stars as Krystal Stubbs, a minimum-wage worker living in a small town near Orlando, Florida. She schemes her way up the ranks of the cult-like pyramid scheme known as FAM, run by the powerful Obie Gabeau II (Ted Levine). Determined to leave poverty behind forever, Krystal ingratiates herself into the life of Cody (Theodore Pellerin), FAM’s most loyal follower. Soon, life begins to unravel as her business dealings affect those closest to her. With a stellar ensemble cast, this dark comedy’s production team also includes the likes of George Clooney as executive producer.

The 10-part series On Becoming A God In Central Florida premieres in Australia on SBS and at SBS On Demand from Thursday, 21 November. Starting with a double episode at 8:30pm on SBS, the following episodes will air at 9:30pm. 

Kirsten Dunst's critically acclaimed 'On Becoming a God in Central Florida' is coming to SBS
“All those stinker-thinkers who tried to tell me this whole thing was a scam? They’re about to see what a winner looks like.”

Mary and Mike

From Chile comes this series based on horrific true events. Under the guise of an everyday couple with two children, Mariana Loyola and Andrés Rillón play Mary and Mike, special agents assigned to take out those in opposition to Augusto Pinochet, dictator of Chile from 1973 to 1990. Living a supposed quiet suburban life in Santiago with their two children, Mary and Mike engage in espionage, poisoning, torture and wiretapping of those who stand in Pinochet’s way.

Six-part series Mary and Mike premieres in Australia at SBS On Demand on Wednesday, 27 November.

Wellington Paranormal

Season 1 of this unique New Zealand comedy was eagerly embraced, and this month, season 2 arrives. From the beautiful minds of Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement come police officers Minogue and O’Leary, tasked by Sergeant Maaka to combat increasing levels of paranormal activity. From their newly formed Paranormal Unit, they protect the citizenry with varying levels of competence, all while offering unfazed straight-to-camera commentary in the series’ documentary style.

Season 2 of Wellington Paranormal premieres on SBS Viceland and On Demand on Wednesday, 28 November.

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