'Years and Years' gave us an unsettling glimpse at the next 15 years, but let's focus on the here and now, and put these TV shows on your watchlist at SBS On Demand.
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9 Dec 2019 - 2:27 PM  UPDATED 9 Dec 2019 - 2:27 PM

If you haven't caught up wih the show that took Australia by storm, watch the six-part Years and Years at SBS On Demand now. If you're all caught up and crave something else to watch, read on. 


Restore your faith in humanity with a more comfortable watch 

On Becoming A God In Central Florida

For something completely different, join the FAM

Kirsten Dunst stars as Krystal Stubbs, a minimum-wage worker living in a small town near Orlando, Florida, who schemes her way up the ranks of a cult-like pyramid scheme (the aforementioned FAM), run by the powerful Obie Gabeau II (Ted Levine). Determined to get herself out of poverty forever, Krystal ingratiates herself into the life of Cody (Theodore Pellerin), FAM’s most loyal follower. Soon, life begins to unravel as her business dealings affect those closest to her. With a stellar ensemble cast, this dark comedy’s production team also includes the likes of George Clooney as executive producer.

The 10-part series screens on SBS Thursdays, and new episodes drop weekly at SBS On Demand


Wellington Paranormal 

If you're reeling from the too-close-to-reality-for-comfort revelations of Years and Years, find solace in this mockumentary about the policing of a paranormal pest problem in the New Zealand's second-largest city.  

“Think Mulder & Scully but in a country where nothing happens,” said executive producer Taika Waititi, when pitching the show on Twitter. But while Dana Scully was responsible for ‘the Scully effect’ (inspiring women to pursue careers in STEM) and together with her partner Fox Mulder created the iconic pairing of the skeptic and the believer, Minogue and O’Leary end up doing all the wrong things. Getting stuck in fences, snapping selfies with the monsters they’re meant to be putting behind bars, and even letting those otherworldly creatures get behind the wheel and drive off in their car. (Anthony Morris

New episodes of Wellington Paranormal premiere on SBS Viceland and On Demand Thursdays. The complete season 1 is also available to stream 


Explore the the world on the other side of The Thin Blue Line 

The Twelve

The drama that will make you think twice about trying to get out of Jury Duty 

This engrossing Flemish-language series (from Belgium) takes you inside the deliberations of a 12-person jury, overseeing the highly controversial double murder trial of a school principal, Fri Palmers (Maaike Cafmeyer), in  whicb one of the victims was her own child. As the trial moves forward, gaining momentum, Fri’s fate is in the hands of the shaken jury members, each of whom bring their personal scars and baggage with them as they make one of the most important decisions of their lives.

New episodes drop weekly to SBS On Demand 



Make an appointment with a medical clinic that's off the grid 

In this UK remake of gripping Danish series Valkyrien, Mark Strong plays Daniel Milton, a surgeon at the top of his game -- until personal tragedy shatters his comfortable life. In its wake, Daniel established a literal underground clinic in London’s vast labyrinthine network of subterranean tunnels. There, Daniel treats those who can’t -or won’t- seek more legitimate healthcare: criminals, undocumented immigrants, and those who prefer to stay off the books. Game of Thrones’ Carice Van Houten plays Anna, a guilt-ridden medical researcher who joins the illegal clinic. In the vein of Mary Kills People and Trust MeTemple centres on the good doctor doing his best to juggle his team of misfits and their increasingly unpredictable clientele.

Season 1 of Temple is now streaming at SBS On Demand 


Stay on the right side of the law 


This British series has taken the world by storm. Many of its cast members have gone on to extraordinary success, including Olivia Colman, who won a BAFTA for her part as DS Ellie Miller (and an Oscar for her role in The Favourite), Jodie Whittaker, who became the first female Dr Who, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge soon went on to create the phenomenal Fleabag.

Broadchurch begins with the murder of 11-year-old Danny Latimer in the small Dorset town of the series’ name. DI Alec Hardy (former Dr Who David Tennant) is put in charge of the case as townspeople, including Danny’s father Mark (Andrew Buchan), are investigated. The second season follows the trial of the accused, and the third sees Miller and Hardy attempt to move forward carrying the scars of the case.

Seasons 1 to 3 of Broadchurch are streaming at SBS On Demand


Or choose your own adventure and dive into SBS On Demand  


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