Crime drama, the truth about Scientology, a delightful feel-good series, the new Rogen/Goldberg offering, erotica and much more. We love our top new series arriving this month.
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26 Feb 2020 - 5:10 PM  UPDATED 2 Apr 2020 - 11:37 AM

Scientology And The Aftermath

Leah Remini, former Scientologist, continues her mission to reveal the lies told within the Church now that she’s managed to leave. Remini is determined to give a voice to her fellow victims despite public attempts to discredit them. Along with former high-level executives and Church members, she listens as people reveal how their lives have been affected by Scientology’s harmful practices, even well after they left.  

Season 2 of Scientology And The Aftermath airs weekly at 9:25pm on SBS VICELAND, concluding with double episodes on 19 and 26 March. The complete season is also now at SBS On Demand:

Tin Star

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Canadian Rockies, the wilderness is yet another powerful character in this smash-hit series. Starring Tim Roth as Jim Worth, and his troublesome alter-ego Jack, the former detective didn’t exactly find the peaceful life he was seeking for himself and his family in Canada. Season 2 picks up where season 1 left off – the Worth family left cut off, grieving and reeling from their ordeal in the oil mining town.

Season 2 of Tin Star is now streaming at SBS On Demand:

How To Rob A Bank

No, really. Each episode of this series re-enacts a bank robbery as the perpetrators themselves reveal what drove them to commit the crime and how they did it. From the Federal agent with a secret heroin habit, the ex-marine paying off his brother’s debts to the Cartel, to the father-and-son team, eight ordinary Americans tell all. With 14 banks robbed in the US every day, this series offers insights not only into the crimes themselves but also into the personal situations that lead to the decisions to commit them. A real find.

Season 1 of How To Rob A Bank airs weekly on Thursday nights at 11pm on SBS VICELAND. The complete season is also now at SBS On Demand: 

The Crimson Rivers

Returning with its second season, this gripping French thriller is based on the best-selling novel by Jean-Christophe Grangé, who is also the creative force behind the show. It follows detective Pierre Niémans (played by the legendary Olivier Marchal) and his new partner Camille Delauney (Erika Sainte) as they investigate a series of bizarre crimes in remote areas across France. Each case has a touch of the mystical about it, revealing forgotten customs or regional myths.

Season 2 of The Crimson Rivers is now streaming at SBS On Demand:

Team Chocolate

Winner of Best Drama Series at MIPCOM’s Diversify TV Excellence Awards and Prix Europa for Best European Fiction Series, friendship, family and falling in love are at the heart of this Belgian drama/comedy/romance.

Jasper Vloemans (Jelle Palmaerts), a young man with Down Syndrome, falls in love with one of his colleagues at the small chocolate factory where they work and which employs many disabled people. When Tina (Mira Bryssinck), from Kosovo, is deported, Jasper and his friends embark on a road trip to find her. Meanwhile, the factory boss is keen to avoid rich investors taking over his company.

This feel-good series is a unique collaboration between premium drama producers De Mensen and a Belgian theatre company that works almost exclusively with disabled actors.

Season 1 of Team Chocolate is now streaming at SBS On Demand:

Future Man

From executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, this high-octane time-travel action/adventure/comedy series is impossible to categorise. It’s uniqueness is merely one of its strong points. Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games) stars as Josh Futturman whose real life as a janitor who still lives with his parents contrasts with his gaming life where he rules supreme. When his character, Future Man, tops the global ranking in the dystopian game of The Biotic Wars, two of its characters pay him a visit, and task him with saving humanity from a deadly super-race invasion. Say what? Just watch it!  

Season 1 of Future Man double episodes air weekly at 9:25pm on SBS VICELAND. The complete season is also now streaming at SBS On Demand: 


It’s a crime drama from Norway. Done! Oh. Still need convincing? On their first day as partners for detectives Sander Holm (Anders Baasmo, Exit) and Max Sørensen (Anders Danielsen Lie) four immigrant teenage boys are found dead in an abandoned swimming pool, with eels crawling around. The pair begin hearing and seeing things that are hard to explain, and when it’s discovered a fifth boy was present at the crime scene, they finally think they’ve got a clue to solving this most inexplicable case. With the addition of psychological and supernatural themes, this murder mystery is extra gripping!  

Season 1 of Seizure is now at SBS On Demand:

Agent Hamilton

Based on the best-selling Hamilton novels by Swedish writer Jan Guillou, Jakob Oftebro (Below The Surface) stars as Agent Carl Hamilton in this high-end spy thriller set in Stockholm. With the city reeling from a series of bombings and cyberattacks, Hamilton returns from his former role in the Swedish intelligence service to fight the invisible enemy. Russian and US intelligence forces are also involved in the mission, leaving Agent Hamilton caught in the middle but determined to come out in front.  

Season 1 of Agent Hamilton is now streaming at SBS On Demand: 

The Longest Day In Chang’An

Based on Ma Boyong’s novel of the same name, this big-budget thriller is Hero meets 24. Taking place over 48 episodes, each accounts for 30 minutes of one single day in Chang’an, the heart of the Tang dynasty in 744AD. Season 2 picks up at episode 26, the clock ticking down as an attempt is made to foil a planned terrorist attack on the city during the Lantern festival, one of the most important events of the year. To say this series is action-packed is an understatement.

Season 2 of The Longest Day In Chang’An is now streaming at SBS On Demand:


This Brazilian erotic drama was created almost entirely by women – a crew member being the only male on set. Deconstructing the traditional narratives about sex and eroticism, here we see these exclusively through the female gaze. Each episode introduces women of different ages and explores their tastes, social status, fantasies and desires. Fans of Erotic Tales will enjoy Naked.

Season 1 of Naked premieres with a double episode on Monday 30 March at 11:15pm on SBS VICELAND. Double episodes follow weekly. The complete season is now streaming at SBS On Demand:


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