With analyses of the political and power plays afoot in America and around the world, this collection of documentaries is ideal for world politics buffs and fans of all things gubernatorial.
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25 May 2020 - 3:41 PM  UPDATED 25 May 2020 - 3:41 PM

The Clinton Affair

With Academy Award-winning documentary director Alex Gibney at the helm, and exclusive access to Monica Lewinsky, her family and legal archive, this series deftly moves through the extraordinary sequence of events of the Clinton–Lewinsky affair and its aftermath.

January 2018 marked 20 years since the start of the investigation that led to only the second impeachment trial in America’s history. Now, after seismic shifts in our culture have taken place since the scandal unfolded in 1998, Gibney follows the rich tapestry of stories layering the drama, including a vast right wing conspiracy against the Clintons and a West Wing conspiracy against Lewinsky. With sex, power, money, secrecy, lies, betrayal and ideological warfare, this seven-part series seems more like an elaborate political thriller than an analysis of real events.

Seven-part series The Clinton Affair airs on Sunday nights on SBS at 8:30pm from 24 May. The full series is now available at SBS On Demand:


Under The Wire: Life of a War Reporter

From the UK, this documentary examines the risky life of war reporters, specifically in Syria, where on 13 February 2012, two journalists entered the war zone, but only one returned home. Celebrated Sunday Times war correspondent Marie Colvin, and photographer Paul Conroy’s mission was to cover the plight of civilians trapped in Homs, a city under siege and relentless military attack from the army.

Under the Wire: Life of a War Reporter is now streaming at SBS On Demand:

The Blueprint: Russian Election Meddling

Part of The New York Times’ television series, The Weekly, episode 13 covers the story of the April 2007 elections in Estonia where, for the first time in its modern history, the country, bordering Russia, saw an outbreak of political violence. Journalist Matt Apuzzo investigates the Putin government’s disruption of Estonia’s election process and wonders why, only nine years on, the USA didn’t see it coming on their own soil.

The Blueprint: Russian Election Meddling is now streaming at SBS On Demand:

A World In Disarray

VICE founder Suroosh Alvi and correspondents offer first-hand accounts of the world’s ongoing crises. Travelling through Syria, Ukraine, the South China Sea and South Korea, the documentary series also features never-before-seen footage.

A World in Disarray is now streaming at SBS On Demand: 

Rudy! Rudy?

In episode 15 of The New York Times series, The Weekly, multiple reporters, who’ve covered former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani’s political career for three and a half decades, cover the story of his downfall. Ultimately helping to prompt the impeachment trial of US President Donald Trump were Guiliani’s efforts to influence Ukrainian officials on behalf of his President. 

Rudy! Rudy? is now streaming at SBS On Demand:  

The Presidential Endorsement

For the first time in 160 years, The New York Times editorial board publicly selects a presidential candidate to endorse in this episode of The Weekly. In its history up to now, the selection process has taken place behind closed doors. But by the end of this episode, the 2020 Democratic primary candidate will be revealed, after on-camera conversations and scrutiny of their policies and promises. 

The Presidential Endorsement is now streaming at SBS On Demand:

Fixing The System: Crime And Punishment

It wasn’t until July 2015 that a sitting US President first visited a federal prison. Barack Obama’s tour of Oklahoma’s El Reno Federal Prison was captured on camera, noting the part it plays in the broader system that is evidently unjust and badly broken.

Fixing The System: Crime And Punishment is now streaming at SBS On Demand:

Trump’s Wall

VICE News examines the rhetoric and reality behind this most divisive of infrastructure projects – the border wall between the USA and Mexico, as proposed in the election campaign of now US President Donald Trump.

Trump’s Wall is now streaming at SBS On Demand:

Hard Left

A powerful group of young activists is fed up with the snail’s pace of their political leaders when it comes to climate change. They’re pushing the Democratic party further to the left in their demand for urgent action. Astead Herndon reports in this episode of The New York Times’ The Weekly.

Hard Left is now streaming at SBS On Demand:

Inauguration, Inc.

The inauguration weekend of US President Donald Trump raised the most money in American history, raising many questions over power and influence from Day 1 of the presidency. The New York Times’ The Weekly reporters Maggie Haberman, Sharon Lafraniere and Mark Mazzetti investigate.

Inauguration, Inc. is now streaming at SBS On Demand:

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