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Everything you need to know about how to draw along at home, and send your artwork to SBS Life Drawing Live.
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Rove McManus

3 Jul 2020 - 12:30 PM  UPDATED 4 Jul 2020 - 9:18 PM
  • We are no longer taking viewer submissions. Thank you to everyone who participated during the live broadcast on 4 July
  • Pose Cam is no longer available for streaming
  • Life Drawing Live is now available for catch-up streaming at SBS On Demand 


  • Watch Life Drawing Live (UK), presented by artist Josie d’Arby, on Saturday 11 and 18 July at 8.30pm on SBS

Join in as we draw the nation together for a live two-hour life drawing class on Saturday night, with Life Drawing Live.  

The Life Drawing Live TV show, hosted by Rove McManus and other famous faces who also happen to be amateur artists, will commence on SBS and SBS on Demand at 8.30pm. More detail about the TV show is available here.

How to watch 'Life Drawing Live'
Everything you need to know about SBS's two-hour life drawing class on Saturday 4 July. Here's all the ways you can watch the live show, and draw along at home.

If you want to draw along at home in real-time and test your skills, we are also streaming a separate 'Pose Cam', featuring uninterrupted views of the life models. The Pose Cam will only be accessible via our show website.  (Please note that the live stream at SBS On Demand will be of the Life Drawing Live TV program). 

Here's everything you need to know about how to watch the Pose Cam and how to submit your artwork, for the chance to have it analysed live on air by our experts. 


How to draw along at home

  1. Go to our show website, sbs.com.au/lifedrawinglive from 8.30pm on Saturday 4 July 

  2. Follow the prompts to launch the Pose Cam video (streams relevant to each Australian time zone will be available)


How to get your artwork on TV 

Take a photo of your completed drawing, and share it in any of the following ways: 


Share via Social media 


  • Instagram 
    Upload your photo to Instagram and use the hashtag #SBSLifeDrawingLive
    (n.b. The Instagram account must be public)  


  • Twitter
    Tweet your photo and use the hashtag #SBSLifeDrawingLive 


Submit via email 

Attach a photograph of your drawing in an email to lifedrawinglive@sbs.com.au



'Life Drawing Live - Submission Terms

By submitting your artwork via a photograph of your original artwork sent to lifedrawinglive@sbs.com.au or sharing on social media using the hashtag #SBSLifeDrawingLive ("Your Submission"), you: 

1.  consent to Your Submission appearing on the program and in promotions for the program;  

2.  consent to Your Submission appearing online on SBS’s website, social media platforms or otherwise along with other submissions or alone;

3.  warrant that Your Submission is your own original work and does not infringe the rights of any third party or identify any other individual; 

4.  understand and agree that, if selected, Your Submission may be analysed and critiqued on the program or via the website; 

5.  grant an irrevocable licence to SBS and other broadcasters or licensees of the program to show Your Submission in the program and on websites and in promotions for the program in all media throughout the world in perpetuity and to use your name and note your suburb/location and Instagram account name as submitted in conjunction with showing Your Submission in any media; 

6.  acknowledge that SBS is under no obligation to show Your Submission in the program or on the website or to critique Your Submission or refer to you in any manner;

8.  understand that there are no prizes or rewards for entering Your Submission, other than the possibility of having Your Submission appear on and in connection with the program as set out above. 

We will not broadcast or publish submissions which are defamatory or inappropriate, or contain information which is outside of the parameters of the live drawing lesson (such as information about other people etc).   

Any personal information submitted by you will be managed in accordance with SBS’s privacy policy and personal information policies.