• The 2-part UK version of Life Drawing Live will air on Saturday 11 and 18 July. (BBC)Source: BBC
There's more life in those drawings yet: we're back for more Life Drawing Live on 18 July.
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9 Jul 2020 - 4:36 PM  UPDATED 17 Jul 2020 - 6:53 PM


We had an incredible response to Life Drawing Live across the last two weeks , with Australians responding in droves to our biggest ever live life drawing classes, and drawing along at home. And we're not done! The ground-breaking Life Drawing Live continues this weekend, as we experience one more episode of the UK's version of the hit show.

There’s never been a better time to collectively get those creative juices flowing, as we join presenter and artist Josie d’Arby and experts Lachlan Goudie, Diana Ali and Nicky Philipps. They share their passion and knowledge in this inspiring event.

Please note on Saturday 18 July, there will not be a repeat of our famed 'Pose Cam'. Unfortunately we are unable to offer viewers a separate uninterrupted stream of the nude life models. The Pose Cam live stream in the UK for this incarnation of Life Drawing Live was not recorded for posterity. We still encourage you to draw along from home, by viewing the poses in our Pose Cam photo gallery - see below. 


What is Life Drawing Live UK? 

It's a live two-hour life drawing class. You will have the chance to draw along with amateur artists in the studio as they sketch live models in various poses. Art experts will be on hand to guide the life drawing exercises. 


When is it on?

Saturday 18 July at 9.30 pm 


How do I watch the broadcast?

On SBS at 9.30pm. 


How do I draw along at home? 

You can view still images of the nude life models as they strike poses inspired by classic works of art. 


Can I get my drawing on TV?

Sadly, not this time. The UK programs broadcast live to air last month in the UK. Unfortunately, this means there's no opportunity to your artwork featured during the program. But we still encourage you to draw along and share your work via social media using the hashtag #SBSLifeDrawingLive


Revisit Australia's Life Drawing Live, now streaming at SBS On Demand 


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