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Quiz show classics, British favourites, new takes on a Japanese classic, master weapon-makers and 6 seasons of everyone's favourite survival show, 'Alone'. It's all in the Game On! Collection now streaming at SBS On Demand. Your time starts now.
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Ten hardcore survivalists alone in the Patagonian wilderness - no camera crew, no teams, no producers - on a single mission to stay alive. At stake is $500,000 awarded to the person who can last the longest. However, unlike genre progenitor Survivor, whose DNA is all through this thing, these guys are really, as the title indicates, alone; each contestant is in their own patch of wilderness and self-recording their efforts to live in the wild (everyone has a satellite phone they can use to call for evac). It’s a tough gig; competitors regularly lose around 30 per cent of their body mass due to low caloric intake, and medical evacuations are common.

Missing iso already? ‘Alone’ is the show for you
As public spaces open up again and the worst of the pandemic seems to be behind us, reality show ‘Alone’ offers vicarious relief for those missing the loner life.

Alone seasons 1 - 6 are now streaming at SBS On Demand.


Forged in Fire

The show you never knew you needed. In Forged in Fire the best bladed weapon-makers in America go head-to-head building everything from Viking battle axes to Samurai swords to Indian claw daggers. The contestants have everything at their disposal at 'The Forge' to make these weapons including propane forges, coal forges, grinders, power hammers and hydraulic presses. But safety is a concern as well, medical personnel are present to treat any injuries or other health problems and may, at their discretion, disqualify smiths who are unable to continue safely. The weapons created are tested against objects and environments similar to the historical scenarios in which they were typically used. The winner leaves with $10,000 cash and the coveted title of "Forged in Fire Champion". 

Forged in Fire seasons 1 - 4 are now streaming at SBS On Demand (season 1 is available until 18 October).



Taskmaster is a clever and hilarious spin on the tried-and-true British comedy panel show format. It was born of an Edinburgh Fringe skit by comedian and musician Alex Horne a decade ago, and its success has spawned multiple versions of the format the world over.

The premise is simple: Greg Davies, The Taskmaster, holds court and towers over the proceedings, by issuing devious and unusual tasks for each season’s fixed roster of five hyper-competitive comedians to complete. Outside of some pre-defined terms and conditions, the participants are encouraged to engage in creative thinking to complete their task successfully, and quickly. The aforementioned Horne provides logistical support, and lives in Davies’ shadow (doesn’t everyone, though?), to feed the data back to The Taskmaster for the assignation of points.

SBS VICELAND manager John Beohm on why you should watch 'Taskmaster'
Why you're going to love 'Taskmaster'
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Taskmaster airs Mondays at 8.30pm on SBS VICELAND, with episodes available at SBS On Demand after broadcast (hurry, season 1 is only available until 30 September). 


8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

Take a world-record-holding quiz show, throw in Britain’s funniest folks, and watch the words, numbers and hilarity follow: that’s 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown. A mash-up of game show Countdown and comedy panel show 8 Out of 10 Cats, it pits two pairs of comedians against each other as they work their way through a series of word and number puzzles. And if it sounds familiar, that’s not only because Countdown has been running since 1982, but because you might be familiar with the Australian version that airs on SBS — aka Letters and Numbers. The hybrid game show hosted by Jimmy Carr is packed with comic appearances (such as Richard Ayoade, Katherine Ryan and Bill Bailey to name a few), funny mascots and visual gags.

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Intended as a one-off, this hilarious combination of two popular game shows proved to be greater than the sum of its parts.
Who’s who on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown
Meet the comedians and experts involved in Britain’s best comedy game show.
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8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown airs weeknights at 7:35pm on SBS VICELAND with episodes available at SBS On Demand after broadcast. Watch season 11, episode 1 now:



It's time to test your art knowledge! Faboriginal is a deadly arts game show featuring the host with the most, Steven Oliver, who’s on hand to deliver a fun mix of trivia, facts, good old yarning, and laughs that is designed to test everyone’s knowledge of Indigenous Art. It features two teams led by Elaine Crombie and Daniel Browning along with well-known Indigenous comedians, actors, sporting personalities, musicians, and artists who compete against one another to determine who the ‘true’ Art Connoisseur is. Oliver describes the show as “an Aboriginal version of game show Spicks and Specks, with a whole of learning.”

Faboriginal is now streaming at SBS On Demand.



The original Mastermind started back in the UK in 197; the contestants compete for no money, it is all about the glory. SBS brought back the legendary quiz show that sets the toughest questions on television, after a 34-year absence in Australia. Join Mastermind quizmaster Jennifer Byrne, as each night she puts four contenders to the test and see if you can pick the answers for the contestants speciality subjects and the general knowledge section.

You'll need to wait just a bit longer to see who wins the latest season of 'Mastermind'
We've started so we'll finish, but you'll have to wait for the 'Mastermind' season finals.

Mastermind seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming at SBS On Demand.


Celebrity Mastermind

It's Mastermind but with some familiar faces. Sixteen well-loved Australian celebrities (including Adam Liaw, Courtney Act and Mark Humphries to name a few) battle it out for the title, facing the pressure as they answer questions based on their speciality subjects. Hosted by journalist Jennifer Byrne, each episode of Celebrity Mastermind will see one celebrity advance to the Grand Final.

See another side of comedian Arj Barker: as a contender on ‘Mastermind’
One comedian with a head full of UFO trivia takes on Australia’s smartest quiz show.

Celebrity Mastermind season 1 is now streaming at SBS On Demand.


Funny How?

Former stand-up comedian Kliph Nesteroff gives viewers a look at what it takes to be a comic with this series. He talks to rookie and veteran comics to find out about their thoughts on various aspects of the industry, from breaking into comedy to bombing in front of an audience and performing niche comedy, including LGBTQ and Christian humour. Nesteroff's goal with the series is to provide a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to be on the stage instead of in the audience. Among the funny people who provide their insights are Dave Attell, Mike Birbiglia, Cameron Esposito and Pete Holmes.

Funny How?  season 1 is now streaming at SBS On Demand but hurry, it is only available until 14 November.


Takeshi's Castle Thailand

You might remember the colourful and bonkers cult Japanese game show Takeshi’s Castle that originally aired between 1986 and 1990 in Japan and was aired in Australia as a dubbed comedy game show. When it was shown in Thailand originally it was called Hod, Mun, Ha (โหด มัน ฮา), or Cruel, Thrilling, Fun. It happened to be so much fun, Thailand decided to reboot the show using the original Japanese format (with a few slight changes). Contestants must attempt to get through crazy obstacle courses in order to save Princess Woosenko who is being kept prisoner in Shogun Takeshis castle.  

Takeshi's Castle seasons 1 - 4 are now streaming at SBS On Demand.


Takeshi's Castle Indonesia

Similar to Thailand, the original Japanese version was being aired on television and they decided to remake the show. Roman Kemp hostsTakeshi's Castle Indonesia (a.k.a. Benteng Takeshi Indonesia) where one hundred contestants brave challenges including the hilarious Stepping Stones, and attempt to storm Takeshi's Castle. Have they got what it takes to defeat the guards and win of a grand prize of Rp 100.000.000?

Taskeshi's Castle Indonesia seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming at SBS On Demand.



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