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Kick off winter with these superb shows before they jet off. Sci-fi fans, get onto it, with many of your favourite or yet-to-watch shows on this list!
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27 May 2021 - 3:23 PM  UPDATED 27 May 2021 - 3:23 PM

1 June

Egypt’s Top Ten Treasures

Michael Mosley: Make Me... S1 Ep1–3

Orchestra Class

The Pigeon

The Thief Of Bagdad

The X-Files S1 Ep11–12

Volumz S3 Ep3


2 June

24 Hours In Emergency S16 Ep20 – Ever Decreasing Circles

All Three Of Us

Boys Cry

E-Sports Revolution S1 Ep1 – Gaming Gods

Front Up 2000 Ep1–26

In My Own Words


Nazi Megastructures S4 Ep3 – Hitler’s Luftwaffe

Our Stories S2018 Ep23 – Jade Runner

The X-Files S1 Ep13–14

Volumz S3 Ep4

From an Iranian village to the Parisian housing projects, catch loving homage to family All Three of Us before 2 June:

3 June

Asia’s Next Top Model S6 Ep1–10


Harry He’s Here To Help

Nazi Megastructures S4 Ep4 – Hitler’s Italian Fortress

Travel Man S8 Ep1 – Athens With Dawn French

Travel Man S8 Ep2 – Porto With Nish Kumar

Volumz S3 Ep5

4 June

Brick Lane

Mabo: Life Of An Island Man

Our Stories S2018 Ep24 – John Burns

The Fifth Element

The Skin I Live In

Volumz S3 Ep6

5 June

Dave Gorman: Modern Life Is Goodish S3 Ep1 – Why Are There Still Chickens?

Dave Gorman: Modern Life Is Goodish S3 Ep2 – The Veneer Of Civilisation

Hunting Aotearoa S10 Ep4 – Taupo Motu

Nazi Megastructures S4 Ep5 – Hitler’s Propaganda Machine

Our Stories S6 Ep1 – John Burns

Our Stories S6 Ep2 – Rhonda Radley

Taskmaster Norway S1 Ep1–10

The X-Files S4 Ep5

Volumz S3 Ep7

Catch the Norwegian version of oddball quiz show Taskmaster, streaming till 5 June:

6 June

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown S10 Ep1, 10, 11

Big Name, No Blanket

Dil Dhadakne Do

Four Lions

Hunting Egypt’s Lost Treasures S1 Ep4 – Curse Of The Afterlife

Kaitangata Twitch

London: 2,000 Years of History S1 Ep1–4

Michael Mosley: Queen Victoria’s Slum S1 Ep1–5

Monty Python’s Flying Circus S2 Ep4

Nazi Megastructures S4 Ep6 – Hitler’s Arctic Fortress

Sex In The World’s Cities S1 Ep1 – New York

Sex In The World’s Cities S1 Ep2 – Hong Kong

Sex In The World’s Cities S1 Ep3 – Berlin

Sex In The World’s Cities S1 Ep4 – Sydney

Sex In The World’s Cities S1 Ep5 – Sao Paulo

Sex In The World’s Cities S1 Ep6 – Barcelona

Sex In The World’s Cities S1 Ep7 – Buenos Aires

The Wave

The Unicorn

Volumz S3 Ep8

Seven-part series Sex in the World’s Cities is streaming till 6 June:

7 June

Amy Winehouse: Back To Black

Britain’s Most Historic Towns S1 Ep5 – Regency Cheltenham

Britain’s Most Historic Towns S1 Ep6 – Victorian Belfast

Follow The Rock

From The Western Frontier S3 Ep2 – Owning Your History

Hunting Nazi Treasure S1 Ep1–8

Impossible Engineering S1 Ep5

Long Distance Revolutionary

The Importance Of Being Earnest

8 June

A Better Man

Colony S2 Ep7–11

For A Happy Life

La Femme Nikita

Love And Friendship

Odd Job

Shadow Trackers S1 Ep1–4

Belgian film about secret lovers Amel and Bashir For a Happy Life is on till 8 June:

9 June

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown S3 Ep1

24 Hours In Emergency S16 Ep21 – The Show Must Go On

Faces Of Harassment

Howard Lovecraft


Our Stories – George Hayes Territory

Rolling To You

Secrets of The Tower Of London S3 Ep1–4

Secret Scotland S1 Ep1–5

The X-Files S1 Ep15–24

Wild City

10 June

Michael Mosley: Trust Me, I’m A Doctor S9 Ep1

One Thousand Ropes

Secrets of The Tower Of London S1 Ep1

Songlines on Screen – Yarripiri’s Journey

The Diving Bell And The Butterfly

11 June

Hunting Aotearoa S10 Ep5 – Waioeka

Manje Bistre

Our Stories 2017: Uncle Grumps Fisher

Restaurant SOS S1 Ep1–4

The Motorcycle Diaries

The X-Files S2 Ep1–2

12 June

My Life As I Live It

Our Stories 2018 – Jacqueline Schulz Ep1 – Yindyamarra Trail Tales

The Deep

The X-Files S4 Ep6–8

13 June

Collum Calling Canberra

Hunt For The Wilderpeople

Hunting Egypt’s Lost Treasures S1 Ep5 – Hunt For The Pyramid Tomb

If You Are The One S11 Ep40–51

The Goddam Election! with John Safran

14 June

Alex Polizzi The Fixer S3 Ep1–7

Asylum City S1 Ep1–12

Back To Life S1 Ep1–6


Cutthroat Island

Eurovision Top 40 Controversies

Haute Cuisine

Impossible Engineering S1 Ep6

Lagau Danalaig – An Island Life

Lost World: Deeper Into The Black Sea S1 Ep1–2

Outrage Coda

Take Shelter

Bingeable comedy drama Back to Life starring Daisy Haggard is streaming till 14 June:

15 June

Go Away Mr Tumour

The Death Of Stalin

The X-Files S2 Ep3–4

16 June

24 Hours In Emergency S16 Ep22 – The Choices We Make

Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3 Ep15–16, 19–21

Carry The Flag

Child Of Our Time: Turning 20

Let The Fire Burn

Michael Portillo: Housing Crisis

Not Just Numbers

Our Stories S6 Ep1 – Clay

Our Stories S6 Ep2 – Deadly Dads

Our Stories S6 Ep3 – Jade Runner

RocKwiz S9 Ep7 – Lucie Thorne & Ronnie Charles

Songlines On Screen – Njambi

The Band’s Visit

The Work

The X-Files S2 Ep5–6


Fish out of water comedy The Band’s Visit is on till 16 June:

17 June

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown S12 Ep1–11

Bugsy Malone


La Vie En Rose

Pompeii’s Living Dead

RocKwiz S9 Ep8 – Jarad Brown & Kate Miller-Heidke

The X-Files S2 Ep7–8

18 June

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown S3 Ep2–3

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown S8 Ep9

A Woman’s Calling

Our Stories 2017: Muna Garruugaray (Salt Water Woman)

RocKwiz S9 Ep9 – Talei Wolfgramm & Simone Felice

19 June

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown S8 Ep10

Blood S1 Ep1–6

George Clarke’s Shed Of The Year S2 Ep1–4

Hunting Aotearoa S10 Ep6 – Nelson Wanderers

Our Stories S2018 Ep31 – Kumalie

RocKwiz S9 Ep10 – Chris Cheney & Suzi Quatro

Songlines on Screen – Finding Mawiranga

The Fringe Dwellers

The Past

The X-Files S4 Ep9–11

Walking On Sunshine

World’s Greatest Bridges S1 Ep1–6

20 June

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown S8 Ep11

A Monster With A Thousand Heads

Charles Manson: The Final Words

Hunting Egypt’s Lost Treasures S1 Ep6 – Cleopatra’s Lost Tomb

Monty Python’s Flying Circus S2 Ep5, 8, 10, 12, 13

RocKwiz S9 Ep11 – Amy Findlay & Nick Barker

Stockman’s Strategy

The Joy Of Painting With Bob Ross S5 Ep1–13

The Taking Of Tiger Mountain

Tia And Piujuq

Who Do You Think You Are? Australia

Season 5 of Australia’s Who Do You Think You Are is streaming till 20 June. (Season 12 premieres Tuesday 8 June):

21 June

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown S3 Ep4

Baby Bumps

Burn Motherf***** Burn

Foreign Body

How Sex Changed The World S1 Ep5–9

Love And Mercy

The Breaker Upperers

Thick Lashes Of Lauri Mantyvaara

World’s Greatest Hotels S1 Ep1

22 June

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown S3 Ep5

Bangladesh From Above

Black Lives Matter

Flash Gordon

Inside Human Zoos

Karla Grant Presents: Our Law


Our Law

Shin Godzilla

Reporter Sally Sara takes us to Baltimore and Chicago in Black Lives Matter, on till 22 June:

23 June

24 Hours In Emergency S16 Ep23 – Count On Me

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown S3 Ep6

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown S4 Ep1

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown S8 Ep12

Much Loved

Our Stories S6 Ep1 – Japanangka

Our Stories S6 Ep2 – Kumalie

Paradise Now

Reinventing Barbie

Remaking The Pathway

Richard The Stork

Warburdar Bununu: Water Shield

When The River Runs Dry

Reinventing Barbie is streaming till 23 June:

24 June

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown S8 Ep13

Blood Brothers S1 Ep1–4

Building The Tube S1 Ep1–4


Gifts Of The Maarga

Running Wild With Joseph Gordon Levitt

Tell No One

The Parisian Bitch

Who Do You Think You Are? S10 Ep1–8

25 June

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown S8 Ep14

Green Bush

Hunting Aotearoa S10 Ep7 – Wanderers/Rotoiti

Jack The Ripper: The Case Reopened

Liquid Truth

Our Stories S5 Ep2 ­– Songman

Tony Robinson’s History Of Britain S2 Ep1–4

Victoria And Albert: The Wedding S1 Ep1–2

26 June

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown S8 Ep15

A Ghost Story

Death Defying Acts

Our Kind Of Traitor

Swiss Army Man

The X-Files S4 Ep12–14

27 June

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown S8 Ep16

Cruising With Jane McDonald S2 Ep1 – The Baltic

Cruising With Jane McDonald S2 Ep2 – Cuba

Cruising With Jane McDonald S2 Ep3 – Western Mediterranean

Cruising With Jane McDonald S2 Ep4 – Avalon


Twelve Canoes


28 June

A Matter Of Life And Death


Croker Island Exodus

Dhakiyarr Vs The King

Luther S1 Ep1–4

One Of These Days

Shut Eye S1 Ep1­–10

Shut Eye S2 Ep1­–10

The Great Pyramid Race

True Evil: The Making Of A Nazi S1 Ep1–6

World’s Greatest Hotels S1 Ep2

Catch seasons 1 and 2 of Shut Eye, a US drama about the Los Angeles underworld, till 28 June:

29 June

12 Monkeys S1–S4

Armour Of God

Armour Of God 2



Dynamo: A-Z

Dynamo: Live

Dynamo: Magician Impossible S1, S2, S4

Dynamo: Revealed

Dynamo: Top Ten Greatest Moments

Eva Braun: Hitler’s Wife


Fist Of Fury

For Greater Glory

Fortitude S1–S3

Good Vibrations

Grand Tours Of Scotland’s Lochs S3 Ep5–6

Hannah Arendt


In Order Of Disappearance

Island Paradise: The Torres Strait

Killjoys S1–S5

Me, Myself And Mum

Moscow Noir S1 Ep1­–8


12 Monkeys seasons 1–4 are streaming till 29 June:

Police Story

Police Story 2

Project A

Project A Part II



Small Apartments

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man S1–S3

Storm Boy

That’s Not Me

The Big Boss

The Devil’s Violinist

The Game Of Death

The Hammer

The Hot Zone S1 Ep1–6

The Lunchbox

The Red Turtle

The Way Of The Dragon

The Young Master

Tommy’s Honour

Trump’s American Carnage

Two Days, One Night


Wheels On Meals

Wik Vs Queensland


Killjoys seasons 1–5 are streaming till 29 June:

Fortitude seasons 1–3 are streaming till 29 June:


30 June

100 Vaginas

24 Hours In Emergency S16 Ep24 – Field Of Dreams

50 Years Of Star Trek

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown S2 Ep1–2

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown S9 Ep1

A Hijacking

Above The Law


As It Is In Heaven

Black Cop

Black Rain

Bring Back The Bush






Footprints On Our Land

Forged In Fire Latin America S1 Ep1–8


Heart Coming Home

In The Fade

Kenny Rogers: Biography

King Of The Road S3 Ep1–5, 7–10

Lady Chatterley

Life Drawing UK

Life Drawing UK S2 Ep1

M - The City Hunts A Murderer S1 Ep1–6

Michael Portillo’s Abandoned Britain S2 Ep3–5

Midnight In Paris

Nobody Knows

On The Record

Our Stories: Two Sisters

Police Custody: A Complaint of Rape S3

Siberian Education

Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow

Stations Of The Cross

Supreme Revenge: Battle For The Court


Takeshi’s Castle Indonesia S1–S3

The Good Girls’ Guide To Kinky Sex S1 Ep1–6

The Invisibles

The Kids Are All Right

The Last Man On Earth S1–S4

The Lawyer S2 Ep1–8

The Murder Of Sadie Hartley

The Two Escobars

The X-Files S4 Ep15

Warm Bodies

Who Do You Think You Are? S5 Ep1–8

The Last Man on Earth seasons 1–4 are streaming till 30 June:



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