• (L–R) ‘Cook Like an Italian with Silvia Colloca’, ‘Ina Loves a Porno’, ‘Pagan Peak’ and ‘Darklands’. (SBS)Source: SBS
Cuddle up with some popcorn and get onto these brilliant dramas, docos, movies and comedies before they take off this month.
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25 Jun 2021 - 9:30 AM  UPDATED 25 Jun 2021 - 10:41 AM

1 July

In Your Hands

Sydney’s Super Tunnel S1 Ep1–4

The Ides Of March

The X-Files S3 Ep2 – Paper Clip

Who Do You Think You Are? S11 Ep1 – Lisa Wilkinson

Who Do You Think You Are? S11 Ep2 – Bert Newton


2 July

Alex Polizzi Chef For Hire S1 Ep1–16

Diego Maradona

Hunting Aotearoa S10 Ep8 – Rakiura

Our Stories 2017: Songs From Home

Source Code

The Secrets Of Coca-Cola

The X-Files S3 Ep3 – D.P.O.


3 July

Blood S2 Ep1–6

Life Drawing Live

Mississippi Grind

Nyoongar Footy Magic Bio Pics S1 Ep4 – Neil Elvis ‘Nicky’ Winmar

Nyoongar Footy Magic Bio Pics S1 Ep13 – Michael Johnson

Nyoongar Footy Magic Bio Pics S1 Ep17 – Phil Narkle

The Score


Robert De Niro, Edward Norton, Angela Bassett and Marlon Brando star in The Score streaming till 3 July:


4 July

Alex Polizzi The Fixer S1 Ep4–5

D-Day: The King Who Fooled Hitler

Dynamo: Magician Impossible S3 Ep1 – New York

Killing Them Softly

Life And Death In Herculaneum

Long Story Short

The Mosque Next Door S1 Ep1


5 July

Dark Science – Djurrpun (The Evening Star)

Dark Science – Wirridji

Dark Science – Yirritja Rain

Hitler’s Holy Treasure


Luther S1 Ep5–6

Luther S2 Ep1–2


The Three Musketeers

The World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys S1 Ep1 – Norway

The World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys S1 Ep2 – Canada

The World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys S1 Ep3 – Wales

The World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys S1 Ep4 – Switzerland

The World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys S1 Ep5 – Spain

The World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys S1 Ep6 – New Zealand

The X-Files S3 Ep4 – Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose

World’s Greatest Hotels S1 Ep3


Travel through Wales via The World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys till 5 July:


6 July

A United Kingdom

Abandoned Engineering S3 Ep1–12



Florence Foster Jenkins

Hip Hop Evolution S1 Ep1 – The Foundation


Swallows And Amazons

The X-Files S3 Ep5 – The List


Whitney is streaming till 6 July:


7 July

24 Hours In Emergency S16 Ep25 – You Can’t Buy Love

A Chance Affair S1 Ep1–5

A Cool Fish

Faboriginal S1 Ep7 – Community

Faboriginal S1 Ep8 – Truth Telling

How The Victorians Built Britain S1 Ep1–4

Our Stories – Yoonthalla



8 July

Charley Pride: I’m Just Me


The Great House Revival S1 Ep1–6

Tour De Force


9 July

Ali’s Wedding

Blue The Film

Donnie Darko

From The Western Frontier S3 Ep1 – The Third Space

Half Brother


Hunting Aotearoa S10 Ep9 – Polaris Big 4

Secrets Of The Cadbury Chocolate Factory

The Cove


10 July

A Season In France

Clinton’s Walk For Justice

Family Rules S3 Ep1–6

Inside Selfridges

Seconds From Disaster S6 Ep3 – Black Hawk Down

The X-Files S4 Ep15–24

The Young Victoria



11 July

Animal Kingdom

Dynamo: Magician Impossible S3 Ep2 – Ibiza

Hitler’s Supercars



Catch Animal Kingdom streaming till 11 July:


12 July

Hawaa Hawaai

Lost Treasures Of The Maya

Luther S2 Ep3–4

Luther S3 Ep1–2

Memphis Majic

The X-Files S3 Ep6 – 2shy

World’s Greatest Hotels S1 Ep4


13 July

6.9 On The Richter Scale

Batavia Revealed: Shipwreck Psycho

Cook Like an Italian with Silvia Colloca S2 Ep1–10

Hip Hop Evolution S1 Ep2 – The Underground To The Mainstream

Hitler And Churchill S1 Ep1–2

Karla Grant Presents: My Family Matters S2019 Ep21

Lost City Of Z


Muslims Like Us Australia S1 Ep1–2


Teddy Pendergrass – If You Don’t Know Me

The Fifth Region

The Real Hunt For Red October S1 Ep1–2

The X-Files S3 Ep7 – The Walk


Season 2 of Cook Like An Italian With Silvia Colloca is available till 13 July:


14 July

24 Hours In Emergency S16 Ep15 – In Safe Hands

7.7 Billion People And Counting

Black Chicks Talking

Boxing For Palm Island S0 Ep1–2

Darklands S1 Ep1–6


Our Stories S6 Ep2 – Man Of The Land


The Big Wet

The Pigeon

The Joy Of Painting With Bob Ross S6 Ep1–13

The X-Files S3 Ep8 – Oubliette

Tony Robinson’s Coast To Coast S2 Ep1–4

Who Killed Malcolm Smith?

Season 1 of Darklands is available till 14 July:


15 July

Bleed For This

Chuck Berry

Ip Man 2

Mission Mangal

Over 18: Porn Addiction


Sunny And The Dark Horse


16 July



Hunting Aotearoa S10 Ep10 – Mount Cook Tahr

Our Stories S2018 Ep9 – Tell Me Tidda


The Day I Saw Your Heart


17 July

Our Stories – Aunty Steph: Becoming An Adelaide Jewel

Robson Green: Walking Hadrian’s Wall S1 Ep1–3

Seconds From Disaster S6 Ep4 – Into The Death Zone

Songlines – Ngapa Jukurrpa – Water Songline


18 July

Alex Polizzi’s Secret Italy S1 Ep1–4

All Is True

Anote’s Ark

Cruising Iceland S3 Ep2 – Iceland

Cruising The Mekong S3 Ep3 – The Mekong

Cruising Mississippi S3 Ep4 – Mississippi

Dynamo: Magician Impossible S3 Ep3 – South Africa

Fanny’s Journey

Lord Of The Flies

The Day They Dropped The Bomb

The Night Manager S1 Ep5–8

The Words


Dame Judi Dench stars in All Is True streaming till 18 July:


19 July


Extreme Railway Journeys S6 Ep1 – Last Train To Transylvania

Extreme Railway Journeys S6 Ep2 – The Eastern Express

Extreme Railway Journeys S6 Ep4 – The Lunatic Express

Luther S3 Ep3–4

Luther S4 Ep1–2

My Skinny Sister

Rudeboy – The Story Of Trojan Records

World’s Greatest Hotels S1 Ep5


20 July

Alex Polizzi The Fixer S2 Ep1–7

Colony S2 Ep12 – Seppuku

Colony S2 Ep13 – Ronin

Hip Hop Evolution S1 Ep3 – The New Guard

Ip Man 3

Karla Grant Presents Lost Diamonds S2019 Ep26


The Bitcoin Bandit

The X-Files S3 Ep12 – War Of The Coprophages

The X-Files S3 Ep13 – Syzygy

French documentary The Bitcoin Bandit is on till 20 July:


21 July

Agniyogana: The Path Of Hatha Yoga

Australia’s Shame

How The Victorians Built Britain S2 Ep1–8

How To Lose Weight Well S1 Ep1–3

Our Stories – Tell Me Tidda

Our Stories – They Called Her Louise

Peace River Rising

Rex In Rome S10 Ep126 – Far From Here

Through The Wormhole S3 Ep1–10

Young And Beautiful


22 July


Jackie Robinson S1 Ep1–4

Manje Bistre


Nat King Cole: Afraid Of The Dark

Rex In Rome S11 Ep132 – Masquerade

Songlines on Screen – Niminjarra


23 July

Hunting Aotearoa S10 Ep11 – 200th Episode

Our Stories S2018 Ep12 – The Real Bush Tucker Bunjie

Songlines on Screen – Desert Dingo

Special Forces

Tour De France: The Legend S1 Ep1–2

Two-part documentary Tour De France: The Legend is on till 23 July:


24 July

Call Me Olly

Chimerica S1 Ep1–4

Kirikou And The Men And Women


Our Stories 2018: My Life As An Artist – Maree Clarke


25 July

Alex Polizzi’s Secret Italy S2 Ep1–4

Dynamo: Magician Impossible S3 Ep4 – UK


Inside Hitler’s Killing Machine S1 Ep1–3

Making A Mark

Map To Paradise

Pagan Peak S1 Ep1–8

Songlines on Screen – Marrimarrigun

The Guilty

Watership Down

World’s Most Beautiful Railway S1 Ep1–6

Catch season 1 of Pagan Peak streaming till 25 July:


26 July

How The Nazis Lost The War S1 Ep1–6

Hunt For The Wilderpeople

Inna De Yard

Luther S5 Ep1–4

Singapore 1942 – End Of Empire S1 Ep1–2

Wawu Divine Hope

World’s Greatest Hotels S1 Ep6


27 July

Back To Burgundy

BB King: On The Road

Hip Hop Evolution S1 Ep4 – The Birth Of Gangsta Rap

Karla Grant Presents Wawu Divine Hope S2019 Ep28

Ranger To Ranger

Treasures Of Greece


28 July

Our Stories S5 Ep1 – Sylvia Nakachi


29 July

E-Sports Revolution S1 Ep2–5


30 July

Off The Grid With Pio S1 Ep1–6


Season 1 of Off The Grid With Pio is streaming till 30 July:


31 July

9/11: 102 Minutes That Changed America

A Silent Voice

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

Alcatraz: The Search For The Truth

Atlantis Found

Cat Ladies

First Footprints S1 Ep1–4



Great British Railway Journeys S10 Ep1–15

Ina Loves Porno S1 Ep1–6

James Cameron’s Story Of Science Fiction S1 Ep1–6


Mary Shelley



Our Stories S2018 Ep16 – Prayers To The Wind

Rex In Rome S12 Ep138–139

Rex In Rome S12 Ep143–144

Secret History Of Comics S1 Ep1–6

Sex Right Now S1 Ep1–7

Stolen Glory: The Tale Of Porky Brooke


The Face Of Love

The Insult

The Search For Sexy

The Swiping Game: What Is Yellow Fever? (Chinese)



Season 1 of Ina Loves Porno is on till 31 July: