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This SBS On Demand collection keeps you moving, exploring and soaring, with some of the best shows in the air, and on the road and tracks. Plus, we’ll throw in a boat!
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8 Sep 2021 - 12:36 PM  UPDATED 8 Sep 2021 - 12:36 PM

Australia Come Fly With Me

Justine Clarke investigates the turbulent history of Australians in the air, from the early daredevil aviators who lifted people’s spirits after World War I to globetrotting migrants and people with great vision, revealing bravery, social injustice and the changing face of flying. 

Australia Come Fly With Me is streaming at SBS on Demand. Episodes are also available with Arabic and Simplified Chinese subtitles. 



When a passenger plane disappears over the Atlantic Ocean, Howard Lawson brings in brilliant investigator Kendra Malley to lead the team looking into what happened. While the world is waiting for answers – was it pilot suicide, terrorism, systems failure or politically motivated murder? – Malley is also grieving her husband and struggling to parent her troubled stepson, as well as facing forces undermining her investigation.

This six-part Canadian mystery drama stars Academy Award-winner Christopher Plummer as Lawson, Emmy Award-winner Archie Panjabi (The Good WifeNext of Kin) as Malley and Kris Holden-Reid from Vikings and Cardinal.

Season 1 of Departure is now streaming at SBS On Demand. (Season 2 is coming later this year.)


Inside Central Station: Australias Busiest Railway 

A 10-part documentary narrated by Shane Jacobson, this immersive observational series gives us unique access to Sydney’s Central Station including inside the hub of the Rail Operations Centre, known as The ROC, and on the tracks and platforms of the vast network. Inside Central Station: Australia’s Busiest Railway blends unscripted high-stakes drama with extraordinary engineering marvels, introduces us to memorable diverse characters who are passionate about their jobs, shares quirky moments and brings a strong sense of Australian history.

Journey ‘Inside Central Station: Australia’s Busiest Railway’
New SBS documentary series ‘Inside Central Station: Australia’s Busiest Railway’ premieres Sunday 12 September at 7:30pm on SBS and SBS On Demand.

Inside Central Station: Australia’s Busiest Railway premieres at 7:30pm on Sunday 12 September on SBS and SBS On Demand, airing weekly. Watch the trailer now:


Train to Busan

Martial law is declared when a mysterious viral outbreak pushes Korea into a state of emergency. Those on an express train to Busan, a city that has successfully fended off the viral outbreak, must fight for their own survival…

Train to Busan is now streaming at SBS On Demand.


Portillos Greatest Railway Journeys

It’s not a collection including trains without the man in the bright trousers and blazer. That’s right, it’s Michael Portillo. In this series Portillo explores how politics, culture and war, both domestic and international, have shaped the railways.

Portillo’s Greatest Railway Journeys is now streaming at SBS On Demand.


Adam Liaws Road Trip for Good

Small towns are at the heart of regional Australian life. In this food and travel series, Adam Liaw is on the road to visit some of the most beautiful parts of the country and to discover the sources of some of the best food Australia has to offer. Many of these regional communities were hit hard by the summer bushfires of 2019–20, but as Adam discovers, the thing that gives these regions their strength and resilience is strong community spirit. In each episode, Adam also collects produce from the areas he visits, then returns to his kitchen to cook delicious, simple meals. (Get links to all the recipes in the Episode Guide here.)

Adam Liaw’s Road Trip for Good is now streaming at SBS On Demand. Episodes are also available with Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Vietnamese subtitles.



It’s not just a car, it’s a DeLorean. In this thrilling action comedy FBI informant Jim Hoffman (Jason Sudeikis) befriends troubled automobile magnate John DeLorean (Lee Pace) in order to lure him into an undercover sting for a cocaine trafficking ring.

Driven is now streaming at SBS On Demand.


Team Chocolate

We take to the road with some heart-warming escapism in this Belgian drama. Jasper Vloemans, a young man with Down Syndrome, falls in love with Tina Dibrani, one of his colleagues at the small chocolate factory where they work. When Tina is deported to Kosovo, Jasper and his neurodiverse co-workers embark on a road trip to find her. Meanwhile they have no idea that the boss is fighting to prevent the company being overtaken by foreign investors. Friendship, family and falling in love form the heart of this deliciously unique series with wonderful performances.

Team Chocolate is now streaming at SBS On Demand.



Take to the Aegean Sea with six Greek men on a fishing trip in this dark comedy from director Athina Rachel Tsangari. In the middle of the Sea, on a luxury yacht, the men decide to play a series of games during which things will be compared, measured and blood will be tested. Friends will become rivals, but at the end of the voyage, when the games are over, the winner will wear the victorious signet ring: the “Chevalier”.

Chevalier is now streaming at SBS On Demand.


Cruising With Jane McDonald

Former cruise ship entertainer Jane McDonald embarks on an odyssey as she boards mega-cruises. Follow her as she immerses herself in the food, activities and community the ships have to offer.

Cruising with Jane McDonald is streaming at SBS On Demand until 27 September.


Continue the journey with more movies and series now streaming as part of the Planes, Trains & Automobiles Collection at SBS On Demand.


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