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Go deep into international drama, enjoy some romance and fire up over a new Ken Burns documentary and insightful (for very different reasons) new Australian documentaries. November’s got it all.
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25 Oct 2021 - 12:40 PM  UPDATED 28 Nov 2021 - 9:10 PM

The Swiping Game

Season 2 of engaging The Swiping Game is made up of 3 x 15-minute episodes about online dating. Topics covered this time round are finding time to date when you’re a single parent, how to navigate mental health issues when dating in a world that presents the most optimistic ‘issues-free’ profiles, and the challenges of dating for those who are not looking to have sex.

Season 2 of The Swiping Game premieres exclusively in Australia and is now streaming at SBS On Demand. Season 1 (consisting of one episode) is also streaming and available to stream with subtitles in Simplified Chinese.


Before We Die (UK)

The UK remake of the popular Swedish version (now streaming at SBS On Demand), this English-language series sees Detective Hannah Laing on a manhunt when her married lover and fellow cop Sean Hardacre goes missing. With the help of one of Sean’s sources, Laing and her partner begin investigating close-knit Croatian family, the Mimicas. The discovery of their plot to smuggle a huge quantity of cocaine into the country is muddied by Laing’s son Christian’s involvement as an informant. With its family relationships and liberal dose of jeopardy, this crime thriller is layered and enthralling.

Like the US adaptation of ‘The Bridge’, the UK ‘Before We Die’ is a whole new show
The UK version of ‘Before We Die’ premieres on Wednesday 3 November at 9.30pm on SBS and SBS On Demand.

Before We Die premieres exclusively in Australia at 9.30pm, Wednesday 3 November on SBS and SBS On Demand. Episodes air weekly.  


My Different Ways

Now, for something lighter, we turn to Danish relationship drama, My Different Ways. Vitus, 27 years old and stuck in a rut, is revitalised when he meets Emma, his opposite. She is optimistic, adventurous and trusts her intuition. As the pair embark on a relationship, Vitus hasn’t yet told her his ex-girlfriend is expecting his baby, but then again, he is yet to find out the big secret Emma is also harbouring. This enjoyable 7-part series features relatively short episodes of 25 minutes each, making it easy to smash through.

Secrets strike at the heart of young love in 'My Different Ways'
Vitus is a twenty-something stuck in a rut, and he thinks a woman in a lobster costume is his only way out.

My Different Ways premieres exclusively in Australia and is now streaming at SBS On Demand.


Dark Side Of The Ring

This exposition of professional wrestling just gets more and more fascinating as the series continues. Delving into the intersections between fantasy and reality in this weird wild world, Dark Side Of The Ring is now into its third season, as well as releasing a companion series, Dark Side Of The Ring Confidential. Season 3 was split in half: the first half is already streaming at SBS On Demand, with the second half arriving this month.

Season 3B of Dark Side Of The Ring premieres exclusively in Australia and is now streaming at SBS On Demand. Seasons 1–3A are also now streaming.



From Norway comes this tense race-against-time thriller in which a terrorist plot must be foiled before it smashes Europe apart. The world of special ops officer Asgeir (Pål Sverre Hagen, Beforeigners) collides with cop Ragna (Ine Marie Willmann, Exit) when they’re tasked with bringing down a far-right terror cell hellbent on carrying out a massive attack on German soil. Involving dangerous undercover work, the pair is determined to accomplish this high-stakes mission. Features English, German and Norwegian languages.

Norwegian–German drama 'Furia' weaves a tangled web in which a female cop risks all to fight extremism
Typically in terrorist-crime dramas, it is a burly big man in camouflage who is depicted as the saviour of humanity. Not in the Norwegian–German drama 'Furia'.

Furia premieres exclusively in Australia and is now streaming at SBS On Demand.


Could You Survive On The Breadline?

In 2020, over three million Australians were recorded as living below the poverty line. In this 3-part documentary, three Australians – Sky News commentator and News Limited journalist, Caleb Bond, best-selling author and media personality, Julie Goodwin, and NSW Greens MP, Jenny Leong – are sent to the inner city, an outer suburb and regional Australia, to live on welfare and meet people who struggle with making ends meet. They will be challenged emotionally as well as physically, having to do without basic necessities at times. Follow along and ask yourself whether you could survive on the breadline? 

Could You Survive On The Breadline? premieres exclusively at 8.30pm, Wednesday 17 November on SBS and SBS On Demand. Episodes air weekly over three weeks. Watch episode 1 now:


Tell Me Who I Am

Based on the popular novel by Julia Navarro, this Spanish period drama begins in 1998 Madrid, but takes us back to 1934 then off to Buenos Aires and around Europe before returning to Spain. One day Javier, a successful publisher, receives a biography on his desk of the mother he never knew: Amelia Garayoa. Javier was taken from her as a newborn, the product of a marriage forced onto Amelia. When she meets Pierre, a French journalist and revolutionary, Amelia’s life takes a dramatic turn as she follows him to Argentina and ends up working as a spy. This lush adventure is dashing and exciting, with its romance and touch of espionage, and the hope of a reunion of sorts between mother and son.

‘Tell Me Who I Am’ is Spain’s gritty spy saga with a female James Bond
This story of a Spanish socialite turned wartime spy is a gritty tale of globe-trotting espionage that’s Spain’s biggest TV series to date.

Tell Me Who I Am premieres exclusively in Australia and is now streaming at SBS On Demand.


A Girls’ Guide To Hunting, Fishing and Wild Cooking

Chef Analiese Gregory has travelled the world to work with and learn from the best chefs. From her stellar career at Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris and Sydney she is trying a quieter life in Tasmania. Bringing her passion for hunting, foraging and fishing and eating seasonally, Analiese has given herself a year on this adventure, keen to reconnect with nature. Her local community helps her discover new skills and she brings us delectable recipes including Grilled Scallops with Wakame Jam, Bay Blossom Ice Cream, Grilled Southern Rock Lobster with Sea Urchin Butter and Wallaby Pie with Saltbush.    

A Girls’ Guide To Hunting, Fishing and Wild Cooking premieres exclusively in Australia at 8.30pm on SBS Food and at SBS On Demand from Thursday 18 November. The 8-part series airs weekly. Episodes at SBS On Demand are also available with subtitles in Arabic, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese. Watch episode 1 now.  


Max Anger: With One Eye Open

Max Anger: it’s one helluva name. From the imagination of author Max Österdahl, on whose books this series is based, Max is ex Swedish military, now working to build democracy in the East, the current focus, Russia. When the love of his life, Russian researcher and co-worker Pashie goes missing after she uncovers a connection between Max’s past life and a Russian conspiracy targeting Sweden, only Max can find her. This suspense ride throws us deep into a love story whose power is strong enough to change the course of history. We have to love that. This thrilling Russian Swedish series features both languages as we travel between the countries throughout.

Max Anger: With One Eye Open premieres exclusively in Australia and is now streaming at SBS On Demand.



Featuring Hebrew, Ukrainian and English languages, this Israeli drama took out Best Drama Series at the Israeli Academy Awards last year. Izzy Bachar is an Internal Affairs investigator with unshakable integrity. When Izzy is tipped off that his best friend and highly respected cop, Barak Harel, is operating a criminal network from within the force, at first, he cannot believe it, but when the evidence mounts, a cat-and-mouse game ensues. With Barak stopping at nothing, including murder, to destroy the case against him and cover all traces of the network, Izzy and his team have their work well and truly cut out for them.

Manayek premieres exclusively in Australia and is now streaming at SBS On Demand.


Muhammad Ali

From Sarah Burns, David McMahon and indomitable documentarian Ken Burns, comes this 4-part focus on Muhammad Ali, one of the 20th century’s most indelible figures. A three-time heavyweight boxing champion, Ali enamoured himself to millions around the world, not only for his speed, grace and power in the ring, and his playful boasting and charm outside it, but also for being unabashedly, unconditionally himself. He became a global icon and inspiration.    

Muhammad Ali premieres exclusively in Australia on Sunday 28 November at 8.40pm on SBS and SBS On Demand. Episodes air weekly over four weeks.

Hear an interview with directors Sarah Burns and David McMahon about the show on SBS podcast, The Playlist, hosted by Fiona Williams.

Talking 'Muhammad Ali' with directors Sarah Burns and David McMahon

We're back with a companion to 'Muhammad Ali', an epic 4-part documentary biography of one of the best-known men of the 20th century. Fiona is joined by Sarah Burns and David McMahon, co-directors, co-producers, and writers of the epic series which screens across SBS this month, and will stream at SBS On Demand. It's a fascinating conversation about how they and co-director Ken Burns approached the task of telling the definitive story of the three-time heavyweight boxing champion who, at the height of his fame, took American life — the racism, the religious biases, the role of celebrities, the role of sports in society — and refashioned it in his own image.