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Kickstart 2022 in fine form with these top-shelf shows from around the world. Happy new year to one and all!
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20 Dec 2021 - 11:13 AM  UPDATED 27 Jan 2022 - 12:44 PM

Alone Denmark

First there was the original American TV documentary series, then we welcomed the Swedish version last month. Now the Danes try their hand at surviving in harsh landscapes and harsher weather, all Alone. Filmed in northern Norway, the ten participants set out to survive the longest, cut off from each other as well as the world as they know it. How will they fare in the face of extreme isolation, hunger and the wild wind and cold?

Alone Denmark premieres exclusively in Australia and is now streaming at SBS On Demand.



In a narrative so wicked and twisted, dark and quirky, it only could’ve come out of New Zealand (albeit, co-writer Kyan Krumdieck was born in the USA), a conservative Christian politician must deal with being extorted by his dominatrix after incriminating footage is leaked to the public just months out from an election. This political dramedy also brings an endearing side – so NZ. With six episodes of only 20 minutes each, Sextortion is an easy as well as hugely entertaining watch. Kent Briggs and Thomas Sainsbury wrote the show along with Krumdieck while Sainsbury stars as the polly. (Wellington Paranormal fans will recognise Sainsbury as Constable Parker.)

It’s a fine line between laughter and pain in ‘Nasdrovia’ and ‘Sextortion’
Spanish and New Zealand sitcoms at SBS On Demand prove that comedy is a universal language.

Sextortion premieres exclusively in Australia and is now streaming at SBS On Demand.


Face To Face

Like season 1 of this Danish show, already at SBS On Demand, the thrilling second season also covers one intense 24-hour period. In season 1, policeman Bjørn is torn apart when the death he is investigating ends up being that of his own daughter. He refuses to believe it was suicide, leading him on the hunt to find her killer.

Season 2 focuses on Bjørn’s grief stricken ex-wife, psychologist Susanne. During a session, her client reveals he is a hitman planning to kill a young woman that same night. With the police refusing to intervene until a crime has been committed, Susanne sets out alone to stop the murder going ahead. The fast pace and high stakes make for one helluva ride. Leave it to the Danish to make a good and taut edge-of-your-seat thriller.  

A shrink, a killer and a lot of questions: ‘Face to Face’ is back
Nordic Noir’s biggest stars are back in a gripping thriller where every episode is a face-to-face showdown.

Season 2 of Face To Face premieres exclusively in Australia and is now streaming at SBS On Demand. (Season 1 is available as well.)



Crisis Unit

From Switzerland comes this thrilling drama set in stricken modern-day Yemen. When the president of a Swiss humanitarian agency is murdered, Geneva acts quickly to replace him. Thrust into the role is young law professor Suzanne. She will need immense fortitude to survive much less withstand the role, with over a dozen other members of the organisation kidnapped. Suzanne is determined to free the hostages, forging unlikely alliances and making dangerous discoveries along the way.

Featuring several languages including French, this show unusually highlights the complexity of aid work and a country little seen on our screens.

The humans behind humanitarian aid are pushed to the brink in ‘Crisis Unit’
The world’s top humanitarian organisation has a new boss. But facing a kidnapping crisis, political in-fighting, and multiple personal dramas, does she have any hope of succeeding?

Crisis Unit premieres exclusively in Australia and is now streaming at SBS On Demand.



When two successful Spanish lawyers with a passion for Russian culture pack in their careers and open their own restaurant, they have an odd situation on their hands when it becomes a favourite of the local Russian mafia. This comedy also brings the thrills with the dangerous clientele providing hairy moments. With its oddball premise and intercultural exchanges, Nasdrovia could not be more up our alley.

It’s a fine line between laughter and pain in ‘Nasdrovia’ and ‘Sextortion’
Spanish and New Zealand sitcoms at SBS On Demand prove that comedy is a universal language.

Nasdrovia premieres exclusively in Australia and is now streaming at SBS On Demand.


Why Women Kill

Season 2 of this hugely popular show brings a whole new cast and storyline. Set in 1949 Los Angeles, it is centred around Alma, an outsider desperate to join an exclusive garden club, and club leader and local femme fatale, Lana. An exploration of the themes of beauty, the way women treat one another, and the lengths they’re willing to go to get what they want, this is signature Marc Cherry and salaciously entertaining. Get all the goss here on who’s who:

Who’s who (and who’s dead) in the new season of ‘Why Women Kill’
'Why Women Kill' is back with a new cast, new setting, new storylines – and the same gripping look at what hides beneath the surface in a seemingly perfect suburb.

Season 2 of Why Women Kill is now streaming at SBS On Demand.



Dark Woods

Tragically based on a true story from the 1980s, German series Dark Woods follows Thomas (Mattias Brandt, Babylon Berlin) who investigates the disappearance of his sister, Barbara. He ends up searching for over thirty years, and uncovers a series of murders along the way. Covering two timelines, this compelling series is from award-winning writer Stefan Kolditz (Generation War).

Based on a true crime, 30 years of searching leads to a serial killer’s door in ‘Dark Woods’
Inspired by a real-life case, unsolved for almost 30 years, ‘Dark Woods’ tracks one cop’s quest to find his sister – or her killer.

Dark Woods premieres exclusively in Australia and is now streaming at SBS On Demand.



Canada delivers more of this quirky ode to small-town life and the delineations of folks within it. We’re up to season 7 of this popular comedy series, which follows siblings Wayne and Katy as they run a small farm and produce stand with Wayne’s mates Daryl and Squirrely Dan. Katy’s also got a polyamorous thing going with ice hockey players and best friends, Jonesy and Reilly. The Sydney Morning Herald praises Letterkenny for being “very, very funny, even if you don’t always know why.” Yes, indeed.

‘Letterkenny’ is back to smack your funny bone with a hockey stick
Now’s the perfect time to check out all seven seasons of the cult Canadian comedy so… pitter patter, let’s get at ’er.

Season 7 of Letterkenny premieres exclusively in Australia at SBS On Demand from Thursday 20 January. (Seasons 1–6 are also streaming.)


4 Walls

From South Africa and in the Afrikaans language, 4 Walls (also known as original title 4 Mure) is set in the same hotel room over five episodes. Exploring a different genre each episode, Marcelina, the charming but at times irritating cleaner, is our guide through this unique black comedy. She also guides a string of diverse hotel guests through personal struggles, romance, horrors and even a time warp. This one is unlike anything you have seen before.  

A lot can happen within these ‘4 Walls’
This South African series offers viewers a little bit of everything, from sci-fi and romance to pure horror.

4 Walls premieres exclusively in Australia and is now streaming at SBS On Demand.


Sorry For Your Loss

Emmy-nominee Elizabeth Olsen (WandaVision) stars as young widow Leigh who is struggling after her husband’s unexpected death. Her grief upends everything, transforming every one of her relationships including with her sister Jules (Kelly Marie Tran, The Rise of Skywalker) and mother Amy (Janet McTeer, Ozark). Praised by The Atlantic as “so fully formed, so funny and candid and wrenching right from the start, that you almost question the emotional propriety of it all,” the series is an exploration of how much we really know someone and how grief demands to find a home in our physical body. 

A young widow navigates her grief in ‘Sorry For Your Loss’
When a writer’s world is turned upside down by her husband’s death, she must rediscover who she is without him, but grief stands in her way.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Sorry For Your Loss are now streaming at SBS On Demand.


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