Batman is a guest lecturer at the college Catwoman is studying at. Which makes this shared milkshake highly unethical. (SBS VICELAND)

Catwoman turns her life around. Out on parole, she enrols at Gotham University and riles up the students. Just a few days into her undergrad degree and she's staging protest rally's and staging pranks from a sorority house. On BATMANLAND this week, Dan, Nick, and Haidee don their togas to discuss this animal house.

Dan Barrett
Presented by
Dan Barrett, Nick Bhasin, Haidee Ireland
Published on
Friday, April 27, 2018 - 16:49
36 min 6 sec

In another purr-fect Catwoman episode, she is released from prison on parole and goes straight to college where she gets mixed up with frat pranks. 

Discussing the episodes this week is Dan Barrett and Nick Bhasin, joined by pledging panelist Haidee Ireland. 


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