With the epic finale of 'The Handmaids Tale' season 4 fresh in our minds, series creator/showrunner and friend of the podcast, Bruce Miller, jumps into our Zoom room to reflect back on the key storylines this season, and to answer our many, many questions (and yours, too!). This episode is a must for all Handmaid's Tale fans, and it also includes scoops about the character arcs and story threads that had to be sidelined due to COVID. There are so many great insights, let's get stuck in. (*Contains light discussion of The Testaments). Stay in touch on Twitter at #EyesOnGilead (Find us at: @anythingbutfifi / @NatalieHambly / @HaideeIreland / @Sana_Qadar) 

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Fiona Williams, Natalie Hambly, Haidee Ireland, Sana Qadar
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Monday, June 28, 2021 - 16:33
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