The cast of 'The Good Fight'. (SBS)

Welcome to The Good Fight: SBS Fan Podcast, our weekly deep dive into the world of The Good Fight.

Dan Barrett
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5 min 45 sec

Gather your legal briefs and get ready for a brawl, this is The Good Fight: SBS Fan Podcast, our weekly discussion about the TV drama The Good Fight. It's our deeper dive into the show with an exploration of the real world stories that influenced the show.

On this debut episode, Dan Barrett and Sarah Malik introduce the podcast ahead of the debut of the series on SBS this Wednesday night at 9:40pm. Regular episodes of the podcast will be timed to come out when the new episodes, but you can listen to this short (spoiler-free) introduction now.

We do want to hear from you about your thoughts on The Good Fight and the podcast. So please, tweet us @SarahBMalik, @TheDanBarrett, or @SBSTV and use the hashtag #GoodFightSBS.

The Good Fight airs every Wednesday night on SBS at 9:40pm. Episodes can be streamed anytime at SBS On Demand.

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