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Welcome to ORVILLELAND, it's our weekly deep dive into the world of The Orville. We kick off this podcast with a look at Season 2 - Episode 1 "Ja'loja".

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Dan Barrett, Sid Sharma, Shelley Peacock
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33 min 45 sec

Join Sid Sharma, Dan Barrett, and Shelley Peacock as they blast off with The Orville. With this first episode, all three pick their jaws up off the ground as they come to terms with the idea of the Ja'loja - as seen on the episode, this is a ritual held by the Moclus people. It's not quite a birthday, but it is the sort of thing that comes with a fine if you did it in public on Earth. 

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When can you see new episodes of The Orville?

The 2nd season return is streaming right now at SBS On Demand

04 January

The second episode will be streaming for you to watch anytime after 2pm at SBS On Demand. For those wanting to watch it on SBS VICELAND, episodes one and two of the second season will air back-to-back from 9pm on SBS VICELAND.

After that...

You'll be starting your weekends with brand new The Orville. New episodes of the show debut weekly at SBS ON DEMAND at 2pm every Friday afternoon, with the new episode also airing on SBS VICELAND Friday nights at 9pm.