Afghan-Australian Christians celebrate Christmas but like to live anonymous

Among the 2.3 billion Christians around the globe, the small group of Afghan-Australian Christians also celebrates Christmas to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas tree in Federation Square Melbourne

Christmas tree in Federation Square Melbourne Source: SBS Dari

Most of Christians believe that Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity was born on the 25th of December.

Afghan Christians in Australia celebrate Charismas by gathering for prayers, singing religious songs and sharing food with each other, said an Afghan Christian scholar Khalilullah Shaeq.

Afghan-Australian Christians gather at their home on Christmas Eve to sing and pray and go to Churches the next day, he said.

According to him, Afghan-Australian Christians have their own churches in some cities and in others they share the churches with Iranians whom speak the same language.

When he converted to Christianity 25 years ago, he and his family faced many hardship and misbehaviors from their relatives, friends and the community, Said Mr. Shaeq.

People look at them in ‘other way’ and called them ‘infidel and unclean’, he added.

“Even we have friends who were living with other migrant housemates and they weren’t allowed to touch the fridge because they’ve have told you are unclean”, Mr. Shaeq said in an interview with SBS Dari.

Although Mr. Shaeq says Afghan Christians are free to celebrate their religious events, but it seems he is still in fear.

He refused to provide a photo of Afghan Christians because of what he called the believers’ safety’.

He also asked me to not mention the city that he lives in.

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Published 26 December 2018 at 1:59pm
By Besmillah Mohabbat