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15 of Australia's best surf spots

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Australia is often nicknamed "The surfer's paradise". And for a good reason, it is one of the first surfing destinations in the world, with its 37,000 km coastline, with reefs, beaches and point breaks, which challenge the most experienced surfers. There are still more welcoming spots for beginners, who can learn safely. Here is our list of the 15 best surf spots in Australia.

Waves for all tastes and for all levels. That's why Australia is so popular for surfing. Some spots have become really famous and others are still unknown to the public. Sometimes some beautiful waves appear only a few days in the year and some beaches that are not known for surfing become unavoidable during a beautiful swell. Difficult places to choose, but we tried to bring together surf spots not to be missed if you are in Australia.

If you are not familiar with the surf vocabulary, click here.


Seal Rocks et Treachery - NSW

Lighthouse Beach, Treachery Beach and Seal Rocks are south-facing and known for generating really nice waves when the swell comes from the south.

Just 22 km from Pacific Palms, Boomerang Beach and Bluey's Beach are blessed with their own postcards' waves that make every surfer dream.

This part of the NSW coast has remained miraculously undeveloped, there are no big cities around, just small villages that will make your trip even more authentic. And dolphins are not rare, they often swim a few meters from the beaches.



Crescent Head - NSW

The shoreline that begins just north of Port Macquarie to Crescent Head is accessible via the Point Plomer Road, which borders the coast for 25 km. Along this route, four right-hand point breaks are tailor-made for long-time, intermediate and beginner surfers.

The Crescent Head point break is revered by longboarders from around the world, and some of the best surfers have been filmed here performing a "hanging ten" or a "nose ride".

Halfway between Crescent Head and Point Plomer is Delicate Nobby, a wedge-shaped rock formation that starts just off the beach and flows into the Pacific, creating beach breaks on either side.


Bells Beach - VIC

Historically and spiritually, Bells Beach is home to Australian surfing and is still the site of the country's oldest and most prestigious professional surf event, now called the Rip Curl Pro. The winner always receives the traditional trophy bell.

The waves of the Southern Ocean slow down and weigh on the shallow reefs to produce exceptional waves that can reach five meters or more. A spot rather reserved for good surfers.


Noosa Heads - QLD

Longboarders, this spot is for you. Noosa Heads offers quiet waves in turquoise waters, perfect for beginners but also for more experienced surfers who want to develop their techniques. A long and easy wave, nice for all levels.


The Pass - NSW

Explore Byron Bay and you'll find a multitude of surf spots, but the most famous is at the end of Clarkes Beach; The Pass. Long, unbelievable waves that unfold without stopping for the sake of surfers, especially when there is no crowd.


Lennox Head - NSW

Longtime photographed, filmed and flattered, the point break at the right in Lennox Head produces one of the most famous waves of Australia, regularly ranked among the top 10.

Lennox Head was declared a national surf reserve in February 2007, the third largest Australian site recognized for its importance in the field of recreational surfing.

Powerful, breaking waves, rather reserved for the good surfers.


Stradbroke Island - QLD

Stradbroke Island in front of Brisbane includes several surf spots. Located at the northwestern end of the island, Point Lookout is the most easterly point of Queensland. It is also home to a stunning promontory (ideal for whale watching that comes close to the coast) and a series of beautiful beaches. The main beach stretches south for 34km. The waves are usually big on the main beach and it's a popular spot for the left waves.


Broken Head - NSW

Beautiful breaking waves, pure lines, a right- hand point break in a turquoise water, welcome to Broken Head. This spot is suitable for both shortboards and longboards. It is both a popular surf spot and a family beach.


Burleigh Heads - QLD

Surfing in Burleigh has the reputation of being one of the best places to surf in Australia and is known around the world as having "one of the most beautiful and mystical point breaks".

Burleigh offers good surfing for beginners but also for more pro depending on the conditions.


Aussie Pipe - NSW

Black Rock, Aussie Pipe, South Coast Pipe or locally called Shelly Point. An exceptional reef wave located west of the tip of Summercloud Bay. Located in the Aboriginal community of Wreck Bay, this spot is about to become the first Aboriginal surfing reserve in Australia - and in the world. The reserve is fully supported by the local community, as well as Booderee National Park, the Jervis Bay Marine Park, the NSW State Government and the Commonwealth. The break is facing south, the waves on the left and right are digging on the reef and give incredible hits. Beginners refrain.


Snapper Rocks - QLD

A man-made spot, which today has waves so long that rumors have it that some surfed from Snapper Rocks to the Kirra spot, almost all along Coolangatta Beach. When the swell is at the rendezvous, the waves continue to break creating perfect lines for all levels.


Merimbula - NSW

The water a little cooler than the North and a little known spot are two factors that lessen the crowds. Fantastic waves can be found for beginners and experienced surfers. One of the most virgin beaches welcoming mainly local surfers.



Margaret River - WA

The Box in the Margaret River area is a reef break with constant right waves throughout the year. This place is reserved for the best surfers. Watch out for the rocks.


Peninsule de Fleurieu - SA

One of the best kept secrets of South Australia is the Fleurieu Peninsula - just a 45 minute drive from Adelaide. The mid-coast beaches of Christies Beach, Southport, Seaford, Moana and Sellicks Beach offer good surfing for novices and more experienced.


Angourie - NSW

Angourie, on the north coast of NSW near Yamba, was the first national surfing reserve listed in the state. Angourie is legendary among the surf community for its superb waves and natural beauty. A very special and very moving place worthy of a deep respect.



Here is a website that lists the natural surf reserves, to travel and surf in breathtaking places.

For the regulars, do not miss Ulladulla and Manyana spots in the south coast of NSW.

Another last bonus, the Green Island spot.