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2022: A new year full of hope, recovery and reunions

May the New Year bring more reunions Source: Amiel Fernandez

Much has changed in 2021 and though there were adverse events that have occurred, there are lessons to be learned. Former Australia Awards scholar John Amiel Fernandez lost his father due to the pandemic but finds some silver lining from it.

Over 5.42 million people across the world have lost their lives due to COVID-19 infections.

"Time is valuable. For those who still have their parents, children, loved ones...maximise your time. Spend your time with time while you still can." says John Amiel Fernandez.


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2022: Bagong taong puno ng pag-asa, paggaling at pagsasama-sama
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  • Each new year brings new hope.
  • These Filipinos are optimistic that 2022 will heal everyone.
  • They hope for recovery from the pandemic and hopeful for more reunions.

Covid-19 pandemic
'Life must go on'. Amiel Fernandez (2nd from right) with his sisters and mum and a picture of his dad who passed away few days before the old Fernandez's birthday in September 2020.
Supplied by Amiel Fernandez

Continuous recovery

John Amiel Fernandez, an engineer in the Philippines and a former Australia Awards scholar, was one of those who suffered extreme grief in the midst of the pandemic over the early death of his father due to COVID-19.

But despite the wound that would forever remain in Amiel's heart, he is standing strong, full of courage and resilience for his mother and two siblings.

He points that in times when the circumstances is beyond our control, it's extremely important to show our families how much we love them every day that they are with us.

We may not be able to be bring back what we have lost, but they are lessons we can take from these striking events.

Socialise with your family as we will not be able to do it once they are gone.

Families being reunited

General Practitioner Dr Kathleen Esplanada also stresses the significance of the simple but valuable things in our lives, in particular our family and friends.

Dr Kathleen hopes that in 2022, everyone will be able to value their families and loved ones even more. And hopefully there will be more reunions as everyone tries to live normally in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.

"I really wish everyone good health, and I really wish 2022 will be a tine to value things more, see your family and hopefully more reunions," a hopeful GP from Cessnock NSW. 

health care workers
Cessnock GP Kathleen Esplanada and aged care worker Nesa Smith

Good health

Aged care worker Nesa Smith shares that she hopes everyone will be more aware and stay informed of what is happening around the world.

She hopes that in the new year, everyone will be more vigilant especially in any events that may affect our lives.

health care workers
Cessnock GP Kathleen Esplanada and aged care worker Nesa Smith

Queensland dad and fitness coach and life changer Marco Antonio Tamaya gives more emphasis on the benefits of staying clean and healthy especially with the pandemic continuing to looms.

"I know that we already know about our hygiene but with the pandemic, we should be extra careful, do our proper hygiene and always wash your hands," notes Marco.

'May we continue to look after our health in 2022,' says fitness coach and lifestyle changer Marco Tamayo

He adds that "due to COVID-19 we were refreshed of how we protect ourselves and stay clean at healthy".

For 2022, Marco hopes "everyone stays healthy and that we all learn to save money".

Better state of life

For Avoca Beach cook Mark David, he hopes that everyone stay strong and patient in whatever challenges one face especially for those, who like him, are on working visas.

"I hope this 2022 my new working visa will be granted. Thought it is not yet for a permanent visa, at least I now have a pathway for permanency in Australia," says the hopeful former Philippine chef.

"I know the borders have now opened, those working visa holders can now come or return to Australia."

Focus on your goal and what you wanted to achieve. Though there are challenges, just hold on and be patient.

Working visa
Central Coast residents, cook Mark David and architectural draftsman Jigs Geminiano, hopeful of a better 2022.

While, former architect Jigs Gemiano was able to do some reflection during the lockdowns in 2021. He spent more time thinking about what he really wanted to do in life. He also learned to save more and prepare for any challenge especially when it comes to his finances.

For those individuals living solo in Australia, may the year 2022 bring more opportunities to meet others and socialize in the community to alleviate or overcome any feeling of sadness or homesickness. 

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