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Australia Explained: what does it mean to be Australian?

Australia explained podcast - بودكاست أستراليا بالعربي Source: Getty Images

Tune in to Australia Explained, SBS Arabic24's latest podcast, which offers a beginner's guide to all things Aussie, including need-to-know slang, foods, music, sports, comedy, and much more.

G’day mate!

If you are an Arabic speaker who recently migrated to the land down under, this podcast series is definitely for you.

Australia Explained is SBS Arabic24's latest podcast offering, which aims to help listeners understand the quirky habits that embody the Aussie way of life, launching on Tuesday, June 2.

Furthermore, if you live outside of Australia and would like to know more about Australian pop culture and lifestyle, this podcast is also for you.

Hosted by Maram Ismail, each episode focuses on a particular aspect of Australian culture, including slang language, food, music, sense of humour, Australian pubs and bars and much more.

Australia Explained: what does it mean to be Australian?
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Maram arrived in Australia 10 years ago and, “will be learning with you every step of the way".

We also talk about the most popular sports in the country – you don’t want to miss this one if football and soccer still confuse you!

A new episode of Australia Explained will be available every Tuesday from 2 June on your favourite podcast platform.

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