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It felt like a force of trillion stars

Kirt Mallie talked about Yoga, men's circles and Reconciliation Source: Kiran/Modern Organic

Yoga teacher, Shamanic Journey man, monthly men’s circles leader Kirt Mallie shares his experience with the teachings of Yoga, leading men’s circles and reconnecting to country.

Kirt Mallie, a Torres Strait Islander man, is a Yoga teacher, co-founder of a Yoga studio and café.

He leads monthly men’s circles. “It is a sacred space for men to talk about what they need to talk about,” Kirt Mallie explained.

Kirt says, that since we don’t sit around fires having that yarning circles as we used to, these yarning circles, or men’s circles, are allowing men to try to tap back into that wisdom.

 “To be able to talk about things that we tent to bottle up,” Kirt explained.

Kirt Mallie says that a wide range of men from all walks of life join these circles. Sometimes sharing, sometimes being just present and supporting other. “And the tribe is building more and more.”

The idea of men’s circles came as a request from the community. People needed to connect.

“When we opened a Yoga Studio and a café, people started to come in and ask for Women’s circle. Bells started to ring and I thought, where is the men’s circle?”  This was five years ago. And the circles have been growing ever since. Kirt says he has learned a lot in the process too.

Kirt Mallie is living and teaching through the Eight Limbs of Yoga. “It’s still very relevant. It is universal. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you believe in. There are certain guidelines that can create a peaceful life of integrity. Something we can maintain and develop.”

Kirt Mallie explains that it keeps evolving: “We become more peaceful, more honest, we become more caring, we don’t cause any harm,...” he added that it is still all very relevant even today and there is a lot of similarities with many traditions.

Kirt is focusing also on leading his students to take the practice off the Yoga mat too.  “The more we practice the more we are aware of where we are putting our energy, what is creating our reality,” he said.

Kirt Mallie is also a part of a group of Yoga teachers working with Yoga Australia on Reconciliation Action Plan. The pandemic may have delayed some of the pars of the program, but some are already being rolled out.  

“We are starting teaching classes by acknowledgement to country. Something to remind people that we are on a sacred land, which is also a stolen land and people do forget. So it’s a reminder to check in and reconnect.”

In interview for NITV Radio Kirt also told Sarka Pechova about his journey to Yoga and how important it was for him in the times of transformation.

He reached a very low point in his life, when the sudden shift happened. He said, it was hard to conceptualize or to describe. “The easiest way to describe it is like a force of trillion of starts flowing through my energetic field.”  

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