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The 9 weirdest macaron flavours ever

Bloody Mary macarons from Adriano Zumbo Source: Adriano Zumbo

The French national holiday of Bastille Day on 14th July commemorates the storming of grand fortress Bastille in 1789, which triggered the French Revolution. Today, it's widely celebrated and a perfect occasion to indulge our love for macarons.

The macaron might not be the trendy dessert it was when it hit peak popularity a few years back, but it’s still exciting to open a box to find those beautiful little bites. Made with two meringue discs sandwiching a buttercream, jam or ganache filling, the macaron has been around for centuries in France, before it took over the world.

To remain relevant, macaron makers had to think outside the box. While classic flavours like chocolate, raspberry and pistachio are still popular, it’s the unusual flavours that get people talking.

Here’s a roundup of nine of the weirdest macarons we could find.

Bloody Mary, Sriracha sauce or Tequila shots?

No, this isn’t the start to a crazy night, just a few of the macaron flavours that were on offer for Zumbaron Day 2017, a day where Australian pastry chef Adriano Zumbo concocts dozens of special macarons.

In the past, he has made Thai green curry, Red Bull and vodka, as well as fried chicken macarons. 


Ok, this is not technically a weird flavour, it’s a macaron that looks like a mini cheeseburger, but we couldn’t not include it! You can too find it right here in Australia, at Ooomph Café & Foodstore, in East Gosford, NSW.

The burger buns are made from plain macaron, while the “beef” is a caramel disc dipped in chocolate and nuts, the sauce is made of jam and the “cheese” is made of white chocolate. Oh my!

To make your own macaron burger, we found a recipe here.


Let’s go back to weird flavours with the Cheetos macaron. Christina Ha, from Macaron Parlour, in New York, has taken inspiration from the American equivalent of our dear Cheezels.

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According to a writer from Cosmopolitan, the shell of the macaron is a traditional meringue-based confection, dyed an electric orange. It’s when you bite into the ganache that things get cray: “The filling will confuse your tastebuds. It's kinda sweet and very cheddar-y with subtle reminders that you're eating Cheetos cream.” 


Vegemite macarons
Vegemite macarons (Photo: The Scran Line)
The Scran Line

Earlier, our colleagues from SBS Food took inspiration from our childhood’s favourite treats with these Cherry Ripe and Tim Tam inspired macarons.

They also shared a more divisive recipe, the Vegemite macaron from The Scran Line… Who is game to make it?


When it’s freshly grated in front of you, wasabi can be delicious. But what about when it’s in your macaron?

You can find out by taking a class with French chef Frédéric Terrible at his pastry school in Denmark.

Pig’s blood

Pig's blood macarons
Pig's blood macarons at Mugaritz (Mugaritz)

This macaron might not be available anymore; it’s still worth a mention. In 2012, Andoni Luiz Aduriz from restaurant Mugaritz (then ranked #3 in the world), created the pig’s blood macaron. The Spanish chef simply replaced the egg white in the recipe by pig’s blood to give his own personal homage to French cuisine. The filling will change with the seasons, going from foie gras to sheep's milk.

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