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There's a whole lot more to the acclaimed actor than just Harry Potter!
Genevieve Dwyer

15 Jan 2016 - 2:57 PM  UPDATED 15 Jan 2016 - 3:23 PM

With the shock news today of the death of renowned British thespian Alan Rickman, Harry Potter fans everywhere have taken to social media to mourn the loss of Severus Snape.

While the black-haired potions master in the fantasy franchise may well mark one of Rickman’s biggest box office successes, he is also fondly remembered for his superb acting skills in a variety of other films too – more often than not as the bad guy, thanks to his uniquely deep voice.

So, here are 11 roles Rickman played that you might not have seen. 


1. Elliot Marsten - Quigley – 1990

Did you know that Rickman once played a sinister Aboriginal-murdering Australian landowner in a Western epic set down under?

Quigley (or Quigley Down Under) featured the mustachioed 80s icon Tom Selleck in the eponymous lead role as a sharp shooter brought in from America especially for his long-distance shooting talents, under the impression he’s been hired for a dingo cull.

It’s only when he arrives at the villainous Marston’s station in the Western Australian outback that he realizes he’s actually been brought in to slaughter native Aborigines.

Here’s what Margaret and David thought when they reviewed the movie at the time.

2. King Louis XIV - A Little Chaos

Yes Rickman once played the extravagantly bewigged King of France in the film that also saw him step behind the camera as director, overseeing Kate Winslet in the lead role as the King’s landscape gardener. Released only just last year in Australia, Rickman sat down with The Feed’s Marc Fennell  at the time to talk about the film – and that famous voice of his!

Watch the interview below:

3. Alexander Dane - Galaxy Quest - 1999

Poking fun at his own theatrical roots, Rickman was marvelously snobbish as the stuck-up Shakespearian actor who deplores having to relive his role in a TV sci-fi series as the ageing cast are forced into a reunion.

4. Antoine Richis - Perfume - 2007

While many panned this filmic adaptation of the famous novel, their criticism usually steered clear of Rickman’s performance which was praised as one of the highlights of the creepy movie that followed the story of a murderer and perfumier that slaughtered women in an attempt to capture their scent.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Jean-Baptiste Grenouille's obsessive quest to capture the most beautiful scent sets in motion a violent course, but the ugly whiff of his misdeeds cannot be concealed for long. 

5. Metatron - Dogma - 1999

Perhaps it was this cultish Kevin Smith flick, also starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, which saw Rickman’s famous vocal chords put to their most appropriate use as a disgruntled archangel aka the Voice of God.

6. Marvin - The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Perhaps you forgot that Rickman featured in the film adaptation of Douglas Adams’ cult comedy sci-fi novels – but actually he put that wonderfully deadpan voice to good use as the perpetually gloomy Marvin, the Paranoid Android.

7. Hilly Krystal - CB GB - 2013

The movie follows the story of iconic New York Club CBGB, renowned as the birthplace of rock’n’roll and punk rock with Rickman looking resplendent in a blonde perm as the club’s notorious owner.

8. Karl Hoffmeister - A Promise – 2014

A romantic drama set in Germany before WWI, the prosperous Hoffmeister’s protégé (played by Game of Thrones’ Richard Madden) catches the eye of his wife, Lotte, who pledges her devotion to the handsome younger man even when they are torn apart by war.

Below: Watch Alan Rickman star in Promise now on SBS On Demand.

A Promise

A romantic drama set in Germany just before WWI.

9. Sherriff of Nottingham – Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – 1991

Just look at that gloriously camp hairdo! Rickman’s role as the villainous sheriff up against Kevin Costner’s Robin helped pave the way for his reputation as an action star.

10. Colonel Brandon – Sense and Sensibility – 1995

Kate Winslet’s hopelessly romantic Marianne Dashwood initially has no time for the stiff old Colonel but big sister Margaret knows that actually he has a kind heart and eyes for no one but her.

Eventually he wins her over, melting all of our hearts in the process and proving that Rickman is so much more than just a baritone bad guy!

11. Jamie- Truly Madly Deeply – 1990

Once again not a baddie but actually a total heartthrob, Rickman features as a cellist who dies but returns to visit his heartbroken girlfriend, ultimately reminding her to move on from him. An art house hit, if there was ever an early 90s resurgence of interest in the cello, it would certainly be thanks to Rickman in this movie!