• SBS World Movies is coming to FTA TV. (SBS Movies)
SBS World Movies free-to-air channel will bring world cinema to all Australians, all-day, every day, from July 1.
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6 May 2019 - 12:03 AM  UPDATED 6 May 2019 - 12:03 AM

SBS has today announced that it will be bringing a channel dedicated to international cinema to all Australians with the launch of SBS World Movies free-to-air and in HD, from 1 July 2019.  

The dedicated 24-hour channel will feature a diverse range of movies reaching all corners of the globe, building on SBS’s long legacy as the home of distinctive and multilingual films. 

SBS has a long and proud history in distinctive films including the well-known Friday night movies of the '80s, the World Movies channel previously only available via subscription services for almost 25 years, and more recently, our extensive selection on SBS On Demand where our catalogue will be boosted by the movies we acquire for this new channel. SBS World Movies free-to-air is an exciting next step in the evolution of our film offering.

SBS World Movies will be a celebration of the diversity of global cinema with at least half the titles on the channel in a language other than English, and featuring everything from European art-house films to the best of Bollywood cinema, romantic comedies to anime, award-winning favourites, acclaimed new releases, and much more.  

The channel will broadcast more than 700 films each year, with international titles including recent award winning and critically acclaimed films such as Amanda (France), The 12th Man (Norway), Just A Breath Away (France, pictured second from left), Ash is the Purest White (China, pictured above left), Aligarh (India, pictured above, right), Girl (Belgium), Killing of a Sacred Deer (UK, pictured above second from right), and many more. Launch titles will be announced in the coming weeks.

SBS World Movies will also feature curated seasons of special programming to mark cultural events, festivals and celebrations such as Diwali, Lunar New Year, International Women’s Day and Mardi Gras.  

Each week, the schedule will feature a Women in Film double-bills, as well as Festival Favourites and a showcase of films from countries with emerging film industries.  

SBS World Movies will broadcast in HD on channel 32 alongside SBS’s existing channels, SBS, SBS VICELAND, SBS Food and NITV. SBS World Movies will also be SBS’s third HD channel. 

We're launching a free-to-air movie channel: SBS World Movies
SBS World Movies free-to-air channel will bring world cinema to all Australians, all-day, every day, from July 1.

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