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‘Downriver’ is excellent at asking questions and portraying the ripple effects of juvenile trauma.
An anguished mother confronts her son’s killer on the eve of his release from juvenile detention. “Where is he? Did you weigh him down? It’s killing me!” she pleads. Yet the guilt-ridden young man, James (Reef Ireland), has no answers. He can’t...
Tough love comedy takes no prisoners.
SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL: Life has its fair share of truisms and the movies never shy from repeating them. How about ‘misery loves company?’ Or ‘you can’t choose your family?’ Both get a good run in Grandma, a tough love comedy from writer, producer...
Acute observation of same-sex and the city.
SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL: The couple at the centre of Love Is Strange, the delicately observed new film from Keep the Lights On director Ira Sachs, lives in a divided New York City. Though a change in the law allows George (Alfred Molina) and Ben ...
A powerful look at first love.
the camera is always precisely where it needs to be
An insightful and touching father-son dramedy.
Beginners is now streaming at SBS On Demand. Link below. Writer/director Mike Mills’ story of resilience is a misty-eyed memory piece that cautions of the dangers of unrealised potential.