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First-look review from the 2015 Venice Film Festival.
Equals director Drake Doremus has good news and bad news about the future. The bad news is that love, sex and anything to do with human emotion has been eradicated, which means it won't be easy for Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart to follow...
The Marvel Cinematic Universe can be an awfully big, noisy and repetitive place to spend your time and money, but at its best, it can also allow for humor, whimsy and lightness of spirit - all qualities that come into play in Ant-Man, a winningly...
'Kramer vs. Kramer' in space.
It's not just a slam bang action thriller. It has moments of tenderness and it has interesting characters about whose fate you really care. Sigourney Weaver relishes her role as Ripley, one of the most endearing and gutsy heroins in all cinema....
RoboCop meets Jar Jar Binks
By David Edelstein
Miraculously unmiraculous
By David Edelstein