Custody drama satisfies all elements.
SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL: With the recent Gatsby-inspired hullabaloo about quality in literary adaptations, a lesson in humility is on offer in the sublime and frequently sad What Maisie Knew.
Marling/Batmanglij partnership pays off once again.
Marling is an unusually gifted screenwriter
Planetary metaphor for marriage turns family drama on its head.
At the beginning of Lars von Trier’s Melancholia the world ends. Wagner is heard, naturally (the prelude to Tristan and Isolde), and the screen cuts between glowing celestial shots of a large blue planet literally crashing into ours, and the...
Strong visuals carry familiar dystopian nightmare.
In 2024, Europe is a barren, over-industrialised wasteland. The population is transported between capital cities by a vast metro system, and travellers’ thoughts are controlled by a corporation that taps into their subconscious to further the...