It is Thanksgiving, 1973, and the Carvers and the Hoods are two prototypical suburban families seemingly living the good life in New Canaan, Connecticut. Behind their New Age philosophies and polyester fashions, however, lies deep discontent. One husband carries on an unsatisfying affair with the other family's wife, while his teenage daughter experiments sexually with both of the neighbor's boys. When a winter storm descends upon their upper middle class neighborhood, buried resentments bubble over, leading to a tragedy neither family will ever forget.

An intelligent film that is sure to strike an emotional chord with a patient audience.

Ang Lee`s The Ice Storm looks back at yuppiedom in the early 1970`s. This is an era where the facade of respectability plays havoc with key parties, pot smoking and infidelity...and the next generation. A gloom hangs over the marriage of Ben Hood - Kevin Kline - and Elena - Joan Allen; could it be that she suspects he`s having an affair with their neighbour Janey Carver - Sigourney Weaver? The Hood`s daughter Wendy - Christina Ricci - is beginning to experiment sexually with both the Carver boys - Mikey - Elijah Wood and Sandy - Adam Hann-Byrd. Elena finds herself shoplifting. What`s happening in this small town in Connecticut?

The Ice Storm dispassionately and with great attention to detail builds a compelling sense of impending disaster. These people are lost in every sense of the word, they`re not subject to rules from the past but they`re not quite sure where they want their freedom to take them; and the children, watching Watergate unfold before their eyes on television, have every reason to be cynical about the world they`re inheriting. This brittle and beautiful film is distinguished by an intelligent screenplay by James Schamus based on Rick Moody`s 1994 novel, and also by terrific performances from its ensemble cast. Ang Lee`s approach is measured and non-intrusive. The costume design is a timely reminder of one of the nadirs of the fashion industry