Highly trained assassin Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is on the hunt for the agents who stole his memory and true identity. With a new generation of skilled CIA operatives tracking his every move, Bourne is in a non-stop race around the globe as he finally learns the truth behind his mysterious past.

Possibly the best in the Bourne series.

Matt Damon reprises his character Jason Bourne for a third time in what is possibly the best in the series.

the pace of the film is relentless

The Bourne Ultimatum picks up where the second instalment left off. On the run once again and hunted down by those who created his alias, Jason Bourne still has no memory of who he truly is. He is determined to find out how and when it all began. With a character having such a clear objective, the film has tremendous momentum.

Paul Greengrass is at the helm once again. His documentary style direction is perfect for this genre as he keeps it tight, real and thoroughly engaging. He never lets us off the hook. The pace of the film is relentless, which I found so exciting.

The intriguing way in which Bourne eludes his captors is breathtaking in its cleverness. And the number of countries these characters move between is exhausting & amazing.

Matt Damon is quite brilliant as the haunted and brooding Bourne. His pain and shame at the carnage he has caused is palpable and he brings to the role such pathos and humanity that you forget you are watching an action film. He has really changed the way these types of characters are played.

There is of course everything you'd expect from The Bourne franchise but it is the overwhelming intelligence of the script and the performances that really grabbed and held my attention. This is really great action cinema.