A happy marriage and a comfortable job become meaningless diversions to Alice Loudon (Heather Graham) when a seductive stranger (Joseph Fiennes) enters her life. With smoldering good looks and an element of danger surrounding her, this stranger provides Alice with a sexual satisfaction she has never experienced before. When word of a serial killer reaches Alice, she suspects her mysterious lover of holding the knife.

Does not deliver as a sexy thriller.

Alice, Heather Graham, who comes from Indiana, works as a web designer in London and lives with nice but dull Jake, Jason Hughes. One day she meets Adam, Joseph Fiennes, a mountaineer, and falls instantly in lust with him. She leaves Jake to marry Adam, but passion soon gives way to unease as she begins to suspect there might be something sinister in his past.

Killing Me Softly is based on one of the thrillers written by Nicci French, the pseudonym for husband and wife writing team of Sean French and Nicci Gerard. It`s a good book, similar in theme to Rebecca (woman marries man she doesn`t really know and then begins to suspect him) and very specifically English in tone; and the greatest mystery of this very disappointing film is why the producers decided to cast American Heather Graham as the shy London heroine. Graham is all wrong for the role, and there`s a distinct lack of passion between her and co-star Joseph Fiennes, despite the steamy sex scenes.

Curious, too, was the decision to assign the direction to Chen Kaige, the talented Chinese director of Yellow Earth and Farewell My Concubine; Chen seems all at sea with this material, and admirers of the book won`t be thrilled by the changes that have been made to the story by Kara Lindstrom`s screenplay. In other words, all the possibilities for a genuinely creepy and sexy thriller have been crucially ruined by some incredibly wrong choices.