Hitch anonymously helps hapless men score dates with the women of their dreams. His latest client is Albert, played by Kevin James - an awkward accountant with a serious crush on wealthy socialite, Allegra Cole. While Hitch sorts out Albert's troubles - he unexpectedly falls for Eva Mendes - who plays Sara, a beautiful gossip columnist. Hitch has no problem teaching other guys how to behave on a date, but with Sara, he's far from silky smooth. The film looks like a glossy magazine, that aims to convince us just how ultra hip and attractive Manhattan really is. Comedian, Kevin James, from TV show The King Of Queens, is genuinely funny in his first major film role, and Will Smith is charming - as always - and a natural comedian. Hitch is a happy, but slightly vacuous romantic comedy with conventional principles on offer - that is - to be loved you must love yourself.